Who is worth trading up for and what will it cost? Realistically. Not these pipe dreams that you read from dedicated fans on Twitter when you search things like “bulls draft”.

When I’m looking at Twitter and I see what people are saying about this year’s draft I see a lot of people saying “they better” , “if they don’t draft”, “or you know the front office is going to mess this up”. Now I’m not going to argue that Garpax knows what they are doing because on several occasions it’s very clear that they don’t. What I do want to take a look at is what a real package would look like to obtain a higher draft pick and how that would effect the future.

I love fake trades. I love rumors, sources say stories, I love them. So that being said these are just ideas I have no sources on any of these just realistic packages to get the guy we as fans want.

Luka Doncic

I’m going to start off with my favorite one because I believe Luka is the only player in this draft that has true superstar potential. There may be all stars to be found elsewhere but I believe Luka to be the one who could turn out to be the best player on a championship team.

Realistic Trade Proposal:

Kings Receive: Bulls 7th pick, Bulls 2019 1st rounder (top 3 protected), Bulls 22nd pick, and either Bobby Portis or Denzel Valentine

Bulls receive: The second overall pick in the draft.

First reaction, wow that’s kinda a lot to give up to move up 5 spots. And the answer to that is yes, yes it is. As I said above that is the price you pay for a potential superstar. Also I don’t believe Luka falls below 2. If he falls to 4 where I’ve been seeing him go in some mocks a lot of GMs should be fired.

So the 7, 22 and next years first what is the effect in the future? I’m not including Bobby Portis or Denzel Valentine in this conversation because at best they are “guys”. Meaning they aren’t all stars, they aren’t starters on a contending team they are just “guys”. This is a superstar league and frankly the Bulls need one and have needed one since D-Rose tore his knee up the first time (sidenote Jimmy Butler is an all star not a superstar, Butler will never be the best player on a championship team). To get back to the original question, the 22nd pick I don’t care that much about in THIS trade scenario, it’s next year pick that matters. That would mean watching next years team and not having the hope of the draft in front of us like we did all of this year which is a depressing thought because the Bulls no matter who they draft this year will not be very good next year. There will be improvement but I don’t think next year’s team will be making the playoffs. With that being said, we all saw how hard it is to truly be one of the worst teams in NBA, and with players like Lavine, Dunn, and Lauri and just don’t see how the Bulls end up with a better pick next year as they have now.

So for those reasons I’m saying that Garpax should make this happen and take a leap of faith and go for the superstar Luka Doncic. I believe he is the only player worth giving up such a large package of picks.

Mo Bamba

After I got over my depression from watching the lottery my first thought was, I hope Bamba falls to 7. Everything I’m seeing in mocks has Bamba going 4 or 5 so that means the Bulls would need to trade up to get him.

Realistic Trade Proposal

Grizzlies get: Bulls 7th and 22nd

Bulls get: 4th pick

This, I think, is a very real possibility for the Bulls. It makes a lot of sense and KC Johnson has reported that the Bulls really like Bamba. The key to any trade with Memphis is NOT taking on the horrible contract of Chandler Parsons. The only way the Bulls should take that albatross of a contract is if Luka falls to 4. Also in his latest column KC Johnson, who is a very smart guy, suggested that a package of Portis and the 7th pick would be a deal that could be in play.

If Garpax decide to do this trade this trade I will be fine with it. I won’t be super excited but I would be perfectly happy with it.

Michael Porter Jr.

Here is the guy the masses want. Here is the guy we wanted to fall. But what if the Mavericks want him? What if Mark Cuban falls in love with his star potential like so many Bulls fans have?

Realistic Trade Proposal:

Mavericks get: Bulls 7th and 22nd

Bulls get: 5th pick

Yeah I know it’s the same offer I just proposed for the 4th pick. Sue me.

I will go into greater detail on my feelings on MPJ in an article some time this weekend. So I will just say this I would also be fine with this but not super excited like most would.

To recap, I would go all in for Luka. If Garpax feels the same as I do about Luka’s superstar potential they should be willing to risk a lot to go up and get him. Doncic is the only guy worth pushing all the chips in the middle for and risking it all, in this draft.

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  1. Tom Haverford

    June 10, 2018 at 2:51 PM

    First off, check your grammar. Difficult to read clearly at times.
    Second, I love Rose but Butler is a superstar. He has had a higher PER than Rose’s best seasons and the higher win share total in a single season. Rose never one a championship so that argument doesn’t really make sense. A good GM would never trade 2 potential top 10 picks, a player (Portis) who is only getting better on a rebuilding team and the 22nd pick (Bulls have made great picks late in the first round i.e. Butler and Portis) for a CHANCE at a potential superstar player. European players rarely pan out the way we think they will. Unless he’s the next Dirk or Porzingis, it’s not worth doing. The 7 & 22 picks, Portis/Valentine or both is the max any GM should give up. Last year we got Lauri at 7 and the Bulls FO has done a pretty damn good job scouting and drafting over the past 10 years. Bamba has UNLIMITED potential and you’re suggesting a MUCH smaller package for him or even Porter. Best option is staying where we are or packaging both picks this year. Don’t get cute. Doncic’s film is solid but he is a poor defender. Boston nearly made it to the Finals this year with their two top players out. That’s because of their superior defense which Bamba would bring immediately.

  2. Tom Haverford

    June 10, 2018 at 2:55 PM

    Also, taking on a bad contract is EXACTLY what the Bulls should do since they’ve already said they won’t be major players in FA. Use that space to grab extra picks. If Parson’s ever recovers you can swing him for more picks potentially. That’s the type of suggestions that aren’t going to get the Bulls the assets they need to rebuild.

    • russdeyoung

      June 10, 2018 at 3:00 PM

      Chandler Parsons contract is just awful. And there are two more years of it. Unless Luka is there at 4 I’m not taking that contract on. Also Parsons hasn’t played for 2 years basically.

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