So this is pretty simple, this isn’t a mock draft but a ranking of the players I would like for the Bulls. I will rank 1-7 considering that the Bulls have the 7th pick.

1. Luka Doncic

I made my case for the Bulls trading up for Luka here, here but there are rumors swirling that he might fall to #4 for the Grizzlies making the package not so hard to bear for Bulls fans.

2. Mo Bamba

After watching this video of him working out with the same coach who has worked with Joel Embiid it’s hard not to get excited when you watch this absolute freak athlete who also happens to have a 7′ 10″ wingspan. If you are looking for upside like I am, it does get much higher then Bamba. The only problem is I’m not the only one who seems to falling in love with Big Mo. He’s slated to go as high as 3 in some mock drafts. His cost for the Bulls might end up being higher then Doncic as it turns out. This is the video I’m referring to.

3. Deandre Ayton

Look let’s make this simple, the Suns are taking him with the first pick. Not going to happen. Moving on.

4. Jarren Jackson Jr.

I believe he would be the perfect fit next to Lauri Markkanen for a long time to come in the Bulls front court. He can defend multiple positions with his athleticism and score on the offensive end. He would also supply great rim protection that the Bulls so desperately need.

5. Michael Porter Jr.

Now I know some of you are very very high on Porter and believe him to be destined to play on west side of Chicago but I have some reservations. The first thing that concerns me isn’t his back. If the Bulls are going to draft him you have to assume they were fine with his medicals. What concerns me is some thing I’ve seen on the floor from him. Mainly his first step, if his first step isn’t quick enough to get by players in the perimeter that turns him into a ball stopping jump shooter. He isn’t Kevin Durant. If his handles and first step don’t improve he would be more like old Carmelo Anthony. All that being said I like Porter. I’m just not as sold on him as many others are.

6. Wendell Carter Jr.

As I’ve said before I like Carter a lot and as you can see by this list I like him more then a certain Duke teammate of his. If you want to see more of what I think about Carter Jr check this piece out.

7. Marvin Bagley III

Well he was maybe the best player in college basketball last year. How can you have him so low? First off, he was so lost on defense Duke had to play zone last year. Coach K never runs a zone. Even though Bagley is an above average athlete he doesn’t really play above the rim. Most of his scoring came from post ups and offensive rebounds. Now I have him ranked 7th but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the rookie of the year next year. He can put up 20 and 10 but he wont protect the rim or really defend. Here’s a comp that most Bulls fans won’t like. I see him as a slightly more athletic Carlos Boozer. No thanks.

I’m sure a lot of people disagree with this Big Board. And if you do let me know on Twitter. There’s a link right below this. I love having conversations about basketball.


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