There are a lot of things I can talk about with the White Sox this week. Carlos RodΓ³n making his return, Avi getting ready to start his rehab assignment, Luis Robert and Alec Hanson getting bumped up a level in the minors. But what I want to talk about is the miraculous turnaround of one Dylan Covey. What Covey has shown the Sox in these past 5 starts is nothing short of jaw dropping.

Last season Covey was borderline unwatchable. Starting 12 games, going 0-7 with a 7.71 ERA and 1.671 WHIP. Not to mention giving up 20 home runs in 18 total games. Not good stuff. So when the Sox brought him back up I rolled my eyes and just accepted he is just here until Michael Kopech is ready to come up.

Well since then he’s shoved all my speculation and doubt right up my ass. Starting 5 games this season so far and posting a 2-1 record with a 2.22 ERA and a 1.271 WHIP. After an average start against KC to start the year and then being sent right back down, he has come back up in a major way. With his most impressive performance to date being his latest one. Going toe to toe with Chris fucking Sale. Going 6 innings with 3 hits and 7 Ks. I mean I couldn’t believe what I was watching. He was throwing like it was his last chance with this club and maybe even the majors. But the harsh reality is it probably was. Being sent down twice already and being brought back up usually signifies this is it if you don’t get your shot together.

What Covey is doing is outstanding. I can’t really pinpoint what exactly Don Cooper has done with him but whatever it is… Bravo. Covey has gotten hitters to miss, a lot. In the last 4 starts he has accumulated 25 punch outs. Totaling 28 this season in 5 games, he had 41 in 18 games last year. He’s on pace to pass that by his 7th game. It’s an unreal turnaround for a guy most of us thought was dead weight on this team. I’m glad the kid found his stuff and hopefully he can maintain it and the Sox can continue to have champagne problems with the pitching staff, because Dylan Covey could be a mainstay starter if he keeps it up. Nobody saw it coming, but it’s a breath of fresh air as the Sox continue to find their groove more and more as the season moves along.

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