This is the awkward time. The workouts are basically over. It’s not quite time for all the rumors to come out. We are all just kinda waiting around for something to happen. Well, Kawhi wants to be traded but that’s not happening Bulls fans. Sorry. Any deal for Kawhi Leonard would have to involve Lauri Markkanen and I just don’t see the Bulls brass doing that. So we continue to wait.

So who do you want folks? Have you made up your mind? Myself personally, still have mixed feelings about a lot of the prospects except for Luka. My love for him is still unwavering. Hey do you want to watch some Doncic highlights? He’s good right?

Bamba, Porter, Carter, they all have question marks. I’m still in the camp that Trae Young is a non starter for me. Kevin O’Conner in a recent podcast compared him to Trae Burke which I thought was a very good comparison that I hadn’t thought of yet.

So I guess I’m happy if they just don’t draft a point guard? Is that where I’m at with this? I’ve stated before I wouldn’t be thrilled about a Mikal Bridges pick. The more Kevin Knox I read about and watch the more I’m intrigued. That would be an interesting pick. Is this coming off as ramblings? Am I simultaneously talking myself into loving a lot of these guys and lookin at all their flaws and weaknesses? Yes I am.

I’m here. Just waiting for the next rumor to drop. The draft can’t come soon enough.

Happy Father’s Day dads. I got my interest in sports from my dad, Greg DeYoung and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Love you Dad.

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