I am not a Bears fan. I do, however despise Aaron Rodgers as much as any Bears fan does. He’s a D-bag, arrogant, and dare I say a tad overrated. I hate the way the media slobbers all over him. I hate his passive-aggressive attitude. But a few years ago, when the Packers had a slow start to the season, he went on Milwaukee radio and told the fans to all relax. That’s good advice, and I, as much as I hate to quote him, would give the same advice to Cubs fans and media.

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Last weekend, the Cubs went into Milwaukee and won game 1, putting them a half a game in front of the Brew Crew in first place. Automatically everyone was saying the Cubs would be in first place the rest of the season. That lasted until game 2 of the series when they lost. They also lost game 3. Even someone close to me that I respect texted me and told me how big of a series that was for the Brewers. Except that it wasn’t. Not really. Of course you want to win every game you play, and they all count. Kind of. One series in the middle of June isn’t making or breaking anyone’s season. But fans and media alike were jumping out of windows. The offense isn’t good, Kris Bryant is slumping, even though he’s still hitting .281. Yes his power numbers are down, but he’s still hitting.

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Fast forward to this past weekend in St. Louis. Bryant finally homers, the Cubs drop 13 runs on the Cards in game 1, and now they are invincible again. They took game 2 also. They dropped the third game, but won the series, so everything is good again. Until the next series.

This isn’t football. The baseball season is long, and we’re still a month out from the All Star Game. Again, yes, it’s better to win than not, obviously. but nothing is crucial at this point. It just amuses me when they lose a series and they have all kinds of problems and everybody wants to make all kinds of trades, and then they win one and its buy your playoff tickets now. Are the Cubs a perfect team? Not even close I cringe every time Tyler Chatwood picthes and the defense still isn’t up to my liking. But by the end of the year, I fully expect the Cubs to be N.L. Central Division Champs and heading into the playoffs. And you should too. Just sit back and enjoy the rest of the season and, whatever you do, RELAX!

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