Draft Grade B-

We have known about this pick for about a month, making it not the most exciting pick the Bulls could have made here. The reason for the lower grade here is I really think Garpax missed an opportunity to move up and eat some salary. The Nuggets it made clear to anyone who would listen they were trying to trade down and move Faried’s contract and think the Bulls would have made a lot of people happy getting Porter at 14.

Hutchison as a player is fine. Not a ton of upside in my opinion, him being a senior, so he is what he is at this point of his life. So what can he do? He has size and quickness to be an above average defender and although he’s not an elite athlete he is skilled enough to hit open corner 3’s and occasionally finish in the lane.

Bottom line the Bulls picked up another player that will make this team better who has a chance to be able to start on this team and be a rotation player on a contender.

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