Grade B+

The only reason it’s not an A or an A+ is because the Bulls didn’t trade up for Doncic or Bamba.

Wendell Carter led in votes in our pre-draft piece as the most Underrated player in this draft and for good reason. Carter can defend, rebound, and space the floor on the offensive end.

Carter will fit well next to Lauri, Lavine, and Dunn, he won’t be demanding of the ball but will still be enough of a threat where teams will not be able to sag off of him thus clogging the lane.

The Bulls didn’t get their “superstar” in this draft but they did draft someone who can start and contribute on a contending team who I believe will have a better career then his Duke teammate who was selected at #2, Marvin Bagley.

They passed on Porter and that will upset a lot of people. Carter can play and he has no problem with working hard to prove he was the right pick here.

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