The draft has come and gone. Now, as Bulls fans, we collectively have a draft hangover. June 21st was the day we were all looking forward to since the 2017 draft ended. So I’m just going to give a couple last draft thoughts to get us through the malaise.

First, Kevin O’Conner from the Ringer reported Friday that the Bulls front office ran into some trouble when they were in discussions to try and move up to grab either Doncic, Bamba, or Jackson because of this “promise” they made to Chandler Hutchison. Saying they couldn’t include the 22nd pick because they couldn’t break their promise.

If the Bulls had a legit chance to move up to get Doncic or Bamba and we’re stopped short because of a moronic promise that is a major disappointment. What is the upside to promising a guy especially with the 22nd pick? This is the type of dumb thing Bulls fans should have come to expect from this Bulls regime. Hutchison might turn out to be perfectly fine rotation player but he isn’t going to be a superstar. This whole situation is extremely frustrating as a Bulls fan.

Second, I think Wendell Carter will be fun player and fit into the culture that the Bulls are trying to put together. This has already been talked about on this site in a very good article. I think the concerns of his lateral quickness are greatly overblown. The player comparison that Chauncey Billups gave us on draft night of Carlos Boozer is downright laughable. Carter has already shown his willingness to sacrifice for his team at Duke and I think that bodes well for his work ethic in the NBA. Plus he made this awesome video when he committed to Duke.

The Bulls had a very Bulls draft if that makes any sense. The thing that worries me going forward and should worry all Bulls fans this team still lacks a superstar. The front office has to be willing to do anything and everything in their power to acquire one. I know that is easier said then done but all roads have to be explored so the Bulls aren’t once again caught in basketball hell (contending for a playoff spot but not contending for a title). Because without a superstar the Bulls aren’t going deep into the playoffs again. This I can promise you.

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