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Who starts this year? Will that five finish the season? Can Harry Hiestand make the 5 a better 5?  Can Cody Whitehair be the next Olin Kreutz, or dare I say Jay Hilgenberg? Ok are we going to see a true position battle at O-Line? Coach Nagy stated that all players are being evaluated.

The best 5 and which players start may not always be the same. Are players always naturally better at one over the other Tackle/Guard? I know a guy can be physically more adept to play Tackle, i.e. arm length and feet. I will go with mentality and technique every time. To that point that’s were Harry Hiestand makes the 5 potentially still undetermined.

What 5 players would I start? LENO, WHITEHAIR, DANIELS, LONG, MASSEY and I would expect a change at right tackle on Bye Week if Massey struggles. Week 5. IF? James Daniels is NFL strength-ready he is the Center. Cody has played well the last 2 years. I think he is more Guard than center. Take away the snap. I think he is freed up mentally to play more physical. So no Kreutz/Hilgenberg comparisons.

Have OTAs shown the coaching staff enough for a determination? No way. Not even close. You need pads and helmets popping to know for sure. Does the physical match the visible? Oh wait can Helmets do any POPPING? Pulling Guards, RPOs and Sweeps- we will see. Training Camp begins July 21st and, for me, not soon enough. I am optimistic about all the new parts and look forward to seeing improvement by our 2018 Bears. For now the starting 5 remains to be seen so please comment and PICK YOUR 5!@dickbrianmikeb1 . You can also read Position Overview by bearscool22.

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