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Are the 2018 Chicago Bears entering the season with no ability to sack the quarterback? All I kept hearing was how the team needed to address pass rush in offseason. The Bears cut ties with 14.5 of the sack total last year. Did the free agency market or the draft help fill that production loss? Older players replaced by a youth infusion; will that work?

By the way, the headline is fake news. Okay, lets dive in and take a bite. 34 sacks by the D-line and 42 total sacks last year by the Bears was quite good. Only 6 other teams in the league had more. Really? Every year health plays a role in any team’s success, and a new training staff should help.  There are always multiple pieces that make up the pie.

First piece of the pie is the players. At the core, Hicks, Goldman, and Floyd blend in Acho and Bullard. Then we have seen flashes by Robertson-Harris, Irving and Lynch. Next up are 2 rookies, Bilal Nichols and Kylie Fitts, both underrated but for different reasons. Nichols is from a small school who played out of position last year; I see hungry BEAR! Then Fitts, a Lynch clone, 2.0 pro-type body, was highly recruited but has had health issues; potential Grizzly Bear.

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Second piece of the pie is the return of Vic! Fangio brings back a staff that understands the roster’s capabilities. The possibility of up to 11 defensive starters returning is a huge advantage. Fangio has the flexibility to shift multiple fronts with linebackers and secondary stunting the line. This familiarity allows him to exploit mismatches.

Third and fourth pieces of the pie are often overlooked. The defensive line success is equally related to the secondary’s ability to cover. The offense’s projected improvements will factor in heavily. Stop the 3-and-outs and give the D some rest on the sidelines! So, cherry or blueberry pie? HA! NO WAY! This pie is Chicago deep dish!  The 2018 Bears’ growl will have more bite and continue to make us proud.

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