Recent postseason nightmares came for the Bulls in groups of two.  Twice against the Cavaliers and twice against the Miami Heat.   Perhaps no other team has had quite as painful a history with Lebron James as the driving force.

But it would be hard it to lose to the future hall of famer anymore with him taking his talents west.  Although with the creative way that James was able to make the leap, I wouldn’t put it past him.

Lebron James has officially joined the Lakers agreeing to a four year, $154 million deal.  And that will have huge ramifications in the Western Conference. Do the Lakers have another ace up their sleeve? Perhaps signing the disgruntled Kawhi Leonard away from the Spurs.  Is signing free agent ,presently injured, Demarcus Cousins a possiblity?  And would those moves be enough to topple the Warriors?

But Lebron’s departure doesn’t just affect the west.  It primarily opens the door for those Eastern Conference teams who also struggled getting past the King.  If you listen closely, there are loud cheers going on in the streets of Boston and Philly.  There’s also a long, slow, sigh of relief from Toronto, although Dwayne Casey must be peeved.

Get to the point you might be thinking.  How does this affect the Bulls?  After-all, the Bulls weren’t going to prove a worthy adversary had Lebron resigned with the Cavliers.

Well with so much traction underway in free agency, the Bulls’ front office has been relatively quiet.  They have stuck exactly to their script of remaining patient, content to play the waiting game.

The Bulls have resigned themselves to resigning their own free agents-Zach Lavine and David Nwaba.  But should they stand pat considering the significant cap room available on this team?  Especially with so much talent presently unsigned.

John Paxson stated clearly, “We’re not going to try to sign older players to fill a need.  We have to remain patient and disciplined in the approach we have.”

But the Bulls will no longer have the roadblock of facing a Lebron James team in the playoffs.  A 2018-19 playoff birth suddenly doesn’t sound out of the question.

Yes the Bulls focus right now is betting on the current players on their roster improving.  But should spending their money on players to improve their roster now be out of the question?

The Bulls could still use a stabilizing force at the wing position.  A certain Chicago native named Jabari Parker is currently a restricted free agent that could be targeted.  Isaiah Thomas doesn’t yet have a home.

Such moves could be out of the realm of possibilities with the front offices’ current state of mind.  With Lebron James finally gone though, the realm of possibilities seems endless.


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  1. Bill

    July 2, 2018 at 1:37 AM

    Parker has been hurt twice so yes I could see Gar/Pax being stupid enough to want him. From what I have read over the years good players are warned off the Bulls due to Gar/Pax. Apparrently nobody wants to play for them. Can’t blame them either.

  2. Justin Butler

    July 2, 2018 at 5:39 AM

    Parker has been hurt twice. But do you believe a short term deal to prove himself would be worth it?

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