With the MLS playoffs nearing the corner, every match the Fire faces is one they can’t afford to lose. 

Saturday, June 30th Chicago Fire defended at home against New York FC. NYC who recently lost coach Patrick Viera who left to join Ligue one, are currently sitting in second place.

The Fire haven’t lost a match in 6 seasonal games (7 if including their open cup match). The men in red have been in good form but just haven’t been able to collect 3points. 

Serbian Winger Aleksander Katai was the man of the match today with the hot hands, or feet? In his last 7 games Katai has managed to score 5 goals and be the Fires ‘go to’ goal scorer with 8 goals so far this season, two more than Nemanja Nikolic

Nemanja Nikolic was given a great pass by Dax McCarty to create a counter to put the Fire up by one goal, and while the Fire were playing good it didn’t take long for NYC to strike back. NYC had scored two goals in just 10 minutes before halftime putting themselves up 2-1. But Katai came out hungry from the start of the second half, scoring his two goals to help the Fire receive the three points for the night.

Katai puts himself on the team of the week once again, but will the Magician stay for the Fire or will he leave when the loan ends on July 21st?

Fire fans are starting to worry since not seeing anything going through. The 27-year-old being in top form is the Fires best player at the moment. Will the Fire complete the signing of the Magician or will his career with the Fire poof?

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