The Bulls did exactly what they were supposed to do over the opening weekend of free agency, NOTHING.

There was a lot of discussion on the twitterverse about why Garpax and the Chicago Bulls have been quiet thus far in free agency and that they were failing the franchise again. I say they are doing exactly what they should be doing and said they would do. Garpax is waiting out the market.

Paxson and Forman are going to let someone give Zach Lavine an offer sheet and then decide if they want to commit to him. Again this is the right move. What his offer sheet is represents his market value and I still think you see Zach Lavine wearing a Bulls uniform come next season.

There has also been some rumors that the Bulls have been sniffing around a Chicago kid Jabari Parker.

Jabari is intriguing to me. He was the second pick in the draft for a reason his tremendous upside. How much of that has been washed away with his two knee injuries? If the Bulls can get him for the right price I have always had a soft spot for Jabari.

So as Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Paul George all resigned with their respective teams. Lebron is going to the Lakers. If you are complaining about the Bulls sitting on the bench for free agency so far you have to ask yourself who do you want them to sign? None of those top guys were coming here. The young core isn’t ready to compete at the level that will draw that type of talent, yet. Did you want them to sign Trevor Ariza? Mario Hazonia? Those guys don’t move the needle towards a championship. They just don’t.

Now once a salary dump happens and a first round pick is attached to Kenneth Faried or someone of that nature and the Bulls aren’t involved, I will join you with the pitch forks and torches to get Garpax but thus far they are doing the right thing, being patient.

I have to go take a shower now. I feel dirty after defending Gar Foreman and John Paxson for a whole article. You see what you guys made me do. Uggghhh

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