Once again, we find ourselves in a familiar place, Bulls Nation. Free agency has rolled around and we are linked to having interest in Chicago native Jabari Parker.

Just when the man who has tormented the Bulls each year (especially in the playoffs) has packed up his bags and moved to Hollywood.

Many fans felt with Lebron James signing a 4 year $154 million deal with the LA Lakers, that the East has opened up. Surely the top 2 teams will be Boston and Philly. But with a young core and a rising star, Chicago could slide into the upper echelon of the East.

Then it happened.

Demarcus Cousins signed a one year deal for $5.3 mil to play with the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors. Giving the Dubs a starting 5, who all made the All Star game last year. On the second day of free agency, It already seems inevitable. The Warriors will three-peat next year.

So does it even really matter who the Bulls get at this point? I mean Jabari Parker?

Yes it still matters for the future of the franchise. Sure we might not be winning a championship any time soon. But the only way to change that, is by building a winning culture, and constructing a team of solid players.

While the Bucks can match any offer, Parker receives with him being a RFA, but with the cap space we have, I say it’s worth taking a shot, if we can get him for about $16 mil.

While Parker has had a history of injuries, including two torn ACL’s. He still has his athleticism, and has shown flashes. He’s averaged 15.3 ppg and 5.5 rpg, during his first four seasons, though he’s missed a total of 145 games due to injury.

But the Bulls need a viable option at small forward. Parker is still young at only 23 years old, he still possesses plenty of upside, and he’s able to create his own shot.

A potential line up featuring Parker, Lauri Markkanen and newest Bull Wendall Carter Jr., could give opposing teams nightmares down low.

GarPax seems intent to build around Lauri. Which is absolutely the correct move. Parker being able to get his own shot with his offensive capabilities, allows Markkanen room to operate.

So while signing Parker wont prompt a “wtf” tweet from Bobby Portis. Or won’t satisfy the fans expressing displeasure in GarPax never pulling off big moves. Or won’t even give this team a shot in the dark at the Larry O’Brien trophy.

What it will do, is move forward with the rebuild. Build a fun, young competitive team. One that fans and players alike, will keep an eye out for. The Bulls reputation around the league has been less than stellar over the years.

Mainly thanks to GarPax, but with the rebuild they have a chance to turn things around. Being a big city, with a young, competitive team, with a winning culture, could finally attract the big time free agent, that have eluded the Bulls all these years.

With every year that the Bulls stay competitive and young, Lebron and the Warriors get older.

One day the Bulls will have their time in the sun again. But for now bringing Parker on board, as we lurk in the shadows might not be such a bad idea.


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