So the White Sox play in the worst division in baseball. It’s probably going to be like that for a while with the tiger and royals completely tearing it down and just beginning their rebuild, the twins not being able to figure it out and the Indians being just okay with them possibly being on the down turn of their dominance of the division.

The Sox being ready to compete in a year or two is critical. You do need prospects to progress like they need to and be able to have 90% of your big prospects up by 2020. You do that and you may have a decade of dominance as I don’t really see any teams with the young talent in their system being up and make any kind of difference in the near future. Except the twins who could if some of their guys figure it out in the majors. But as of right now the white sox chose the perfect time to hit that rebuild button. Indians still have talent that the Sox can’t really touch at the moment but in a year or two the way the Indians have shown some regression it looks as if their run will be done sooner then later.

Granted you need guys like Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert, Michael Kopech and Yoan Moncada to be at least all star caliber players. All the other guys just need to fall in line with their roles and we could be looking at a team like the Astros have built. Yes it is possible those guys won’t be as good and won’t produce how you hoped they would but that’s baseball. Remember Josh Fields? Frankie Montas? Yea me too, didn’t pan out how we thought. But the Sox have such a plethora of talent in the system if a guy like Yoan doesn’t hit a guy like Nick Madrigal might and everything will still be on track. That’s the point of stockpiling young guys.

The White Sox aren’t making the playoffs this year. I wrote a blog earlier on how they could but they haven’t beaten the teams they should he beating. They’ve certainly improved but they still show signs of a young team and that will happen. As long as they keep improving, trying to keep injuries to a minimum( which has been a problem) this team is set up for the future real nice with the talent they have and the rotten division they play in.

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