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Zach Lavine has been re-signed. Jerian Grant and Sean Kilpatrick are gone. Wendell Carter is the best player in the history of summer league and Hutchison has showed some potential. So where do the Bulls go from here? What’s the last move of the offseason?

Option 1: Sit tight and do nothing This one seems like the most bullsiet thing to do. Wait around for during the season to possibly help facilitate a trade and pick an asset or two for doing so. This is far and away the most boring option but not the reason I don’t like doing it. The reason being if thy wait for during the season to use their cap space teams will be less likely to include first round draft picks which is what I covet the most. The season is already underway and teams that thought they would be in contention aren’t anymore so they are already looking towards the future. The key is to sucker one of those teams into dumping contracts before the season begins and they realize their true fate.

Option 2: Trade for a salary dump right now People say “you need two to tango” (I hate myself for using that phraseology). But it’s true. The Bulls would need to find a willing partner trying to get out of preferably the last year of someone’s contract. I say that cause the Bulls covet having space for the 2019 free agent class. Look no further then Oklahoma City Thunder for a dance partner. They are dying to get Carmelo Anthony off their books and the Bulls have trade exceptions and players they could send back for the salaries to work out. OKC would obviously have to sent back multiple assets including a first rounder or two for the Bulls agreeing to except Anthony’s contract and buying him out. This is my favorite option.

Option 3: A free agent When I say a free agent what I really mean is Jabari Parker. He’s the only free agent that really makes any type of sense for the Bulls in my opinion. I mean Clint Capela is out there but he’s going to want a boatload of money and I think the Bulls are set right now with big men with Lauri and Carter. Jabari hasn’t really set the market on fire with his injury history and reported attitude problems. Maybe a change of scenery and coming back to his hometown is just what the former #2 overall pick needs. The Bucks are almost hard capped so any type decent offer would land him with the Bulls. It’s a risk that might be worth taking at a small cost. I know these aren’t thing some Bulls fans are ill be excited to see. In all reality these are the best things the Bulls can do before next offseason when they have a chance with a young core and tons of cap space to make a splash in the offseason.

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