First let’s start with the obvious. Wet and soggy has been the main item on the menu at Bears training camp. Slippery conditions have led to lose footing, mixed with wet balls, that ended up on the ground more than you typically would like. Coach Nagy addressed this by saying “It’s a little adversity and it’s good for the guy’s, it’s good for us.” With that being said, it has made practices harder to evaluate and has led to more speculation than objective discoveries.

The offense at times has looked really fast and dynamic leading to plays that get me excited. Then I may have to temper my enthusiasm with the idea that there’s no real pass rush allowed. Mitchell Trubisky has shown a growth in his footwork from the previous season and better command at the line of scrimmage. Now not all of the Qb’s work has been without some accuracy challenges and sometimes forced throws. The receivers have had to dig balls out of the ground and the D took advantage of balls that were thrown behind receivers. Trubisky is not doubt gonna find better timing with the group as practices continue. Kevin White and Allen Robinson both had some fine moments, with Kevin maybe leaving a few more throws on the field than Coach would like. Overall the receivers and tight ends look good as a group for the most part while being led by Anthony Miller.

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The offensive line is a tough group to analyze, given the defense’s limitations to pass rush. One thing that is 100% evident is O-line Coach Harry Hiestand’s vocal and demanding technique, attitude, and effort at all times. I mean you can hear Harry all over that practice field, a fact that has been noticed and reported on by all that have been at training camp! The rotations have been interesting; the varied combos showed some worked and others may need more time? 1-on1 drills have led to a few battles that either show a weakness or highlight what we already knew.

The defense has shown well for most of the camp, with only a few assignments missed or overall blown coverages. The D-line has little to do, other than work on techniques or get sound on gaps. 7-on7 or 1-on-1 has given us a little more insight, but even that is hard to judge or make developed opinions. Akiem, Acho, Roy Robertson, Kylie and others have all had moments. Inside Linebacker? Well what can I say. Nick Kwiatkowski and John Timu have been about all there is, with Nick making a great play on day 3 and both playing solid. The backfield for all things considered have been the stars of the 3 days so far. The starting 4 lead by Fuller look the part and with only a few reads being missed. Sometimes that can be on them, or maybe it’s just about a good play call?

As training camp began, all players were ready to go at the start of training camp, with the exception of Roquan. By day 3 we had Trevathan, McManis, Lynch (hamstring), Brown (ankle), Iyiebuniwe (shoulder), and others having various ailments. Every day missed by Roquan is time lost that the he and the Bears will not get back. Contracts have language and terms that are very complicated; as for Roquan he needs to get the deal he wants.


The 2018 Bears have an energy about them from new players, coaching staff and what was already in place, that we can all have optimism about. That starts with Nagy getting the team ready to practice in a focused manner that relates to identity that is easy to appreciate. As day 4 and the rest of training camp continues, we will always look for improvement that benefits the team. Heading into pre-season, not every snap of everyday will the outcome be the Super Bowl precision or even regular season ready. One player, one play or maybe plays made by multiple players will lead to a cohesive team, and will soon find delivering when it counts. On that note look to undrafted guys like Toliver showing a knack for the ball, or that killer run pulled of by Ryan Nall!

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