In every fantasy football draft room there is always one. The guy who drafts two kickers, picks a defense in the 5th round, or really reaches for a player on their favorite team. So since we are all Bear fans here let’s break down what round the teams best players are going, what round you should take them, and what round “that” guy will take him. Every time I say “that”guy picture me saying it like this.

Allen Robinson

ESPN ADP (average draft position): 42.6

So Robinson is going in the beginning of the 5th round based on a 10 team league. There is zero chance he will last that long in any draft based in Chicago. If you need Allen Robinson on your team, I would say at the latest he would have to be your 3rd round selection. Robinson, the big time signing of the offseason for the Bears, is coming off knee surgery and will likely take time to get back into the swing of things and might struggle to start of the season. For where you are going to have to draft him in a Bears fan league I would stay away this year.

“That” guy will draft him in the late first early second round.

Jordan Howard

ESPN ADP: 33.3

Early 4th round seems about right. The downfall with Howard is he doesn’t catch a lot of passes and I don’t see that changing a lot. There are reports that Howard is staying after practice to catch 300 extra balls but he’s not a great route runner and the Bears have someone else in their back field who is going to catch a ton of balls this year (more on him later). I think even in most draft rooms in Chicago he will go somewhere in this area. If his TDs return to somewhere around 2016 level and with the talent surrounding him compared to last year I see no reason why they won’t I like Howard in the late 3rd early 4th round.

“THAT” guy won’t let him get out of round 2.

Trey Bruton


So he’s going late in drafts but is going 12th among tight ends. If you want to take a flyer on Burton I have no problem with it especially since Matt Nagy is coming from an offense that highlighted the skills of Travis Kelce so prominently. I personally like Adam Sheenan to score a lot of red zone touch downs this year for the Bears.

“That Guy” will take him in the 9th round. The third or fourth tight end off the board.

Tarik Cohen

ESPN APD: 97.4

Going in the beginning of the 10th round seems like an absolute steal to me, especially in PPR leagues. I believe Nagy will use Cohen a lot like another burner he used to call plays for Tyreek Hill. Most Bears would be willing to reach for him in the 8th or 9th round. I’m telling you that I will be “that” guy when it comes to Cohen this year and I urge you to do the same. Unless we are drafting in the same league.

“That” guy (me) will take him late 6th early 7th.

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