Whether you like President Donald Trump or you hate him, you have to acknowledge that he is relevant. He may not have coined the phrase “fake news”, but when you see it or hear it, you have to admit you think of him. Without getting too political, in my opinion, fake news is whatever President Trump doesn’t like. That doesn’t mean that fake news doesn’t  exist. A good example of it came last week in the USA Today in the form of an article suggesting that Joe Maddon’s job may be in jeopardy if the Cubs don’t make the playoffs or exit the playoffs early. Fake news.

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So you expect me to believe that the man who has taken the Cubs to 3 straight National League Championship Series, a World Series that he won, and is well on track to make a 4th straight playoff appearance this year should be worried about his job? Fake news. I can’t imagine any scenario where Joe Maddon gets fired after this season. It’s much more likely that this off season he gets an extension, since his contract expires after the 2019 season. Theo Epstein has denied this report, and Maddon himself called it “dumb.”

I’m certainly not saying that Crazy Joe is above criticism. I have been very critical of him right here in my writings when I thought it was warranted. But I never suggested, called for, or even thought about him getting fired. It would take a Dusty Baker-like monumental collapse for the Cubs not to make the playoffs this year. Once you’re in, things can get pretty random. The best team doesn’t always win, and weird things happen. But 4 straight trips to the post season? This IS the Chicago Cubs we’re talking about here right? That’s been done oh, let me see, never!

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This is the problem with so many media outlets fighting for eyeballs and ears. Either the author of that article just landed on Earth from a planet that doesn’t have baseball, or it was, as we like to say, click bait. You see this a lot, especially in today’s digital media. Write the most bizarre or outlandish thing you can in order to get people to click on it and read it. I’ve done it here. The difference is, I’m not a journalist. I’m a blogger writing my opinions, not reporting “facts”. I also never write anything just to grab a headline or attention. If I put my name on it, it’s genuinely my opinion. I don’t write things that I don’t actually believe just for clicks. If you have to resort to that, then you need to become more interesting. Just a small plug here, but the good people who have afforded me the opportunity to write here have never edited, suggested, or in any way restricted anything I have written here. I appreciate the trust they have given me, and that allows me to take full credit when something is good, and accept full blame when something is bad.

Now it’s not impossible that there is something that we all don’t know. I just find it highly unlikely. With all the new gambling laws being relaxed, if you were to make a bet, please don’t wager your house payment on Joe Maddon not being the Cubs manager for a long time to come.

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