“An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees calamity in every opportunity.” Winston Churchill once said. Let me first start with my undervaluing of the Khalil Mack impact in the Bears locker room. I was internally against the Bears giving draft capital away in the tune of 2 first round picks. I personally felt that Pace had been turning the corner with draft picks the last 2 years. The price seemed more like cutting your nose off spight your face. The fact I was using some form of a myopic view built-in by years of deals gone wrong or overreaching for talent. Pace was able to receive a 2nd rd pick in 2020 and a conditional 5th rd in 2020. Drafting Mack with essentially a 1st rd in 2019 and a 6th really was a steal. Then giving up the 1st and 3rd in 2020 really made sense given Mack’s ability and never really knowing what a draft pick can really do. Mack also playing with this defense instead of Oakland’s adds additional value given the quality of this D’s roster already in place.


The Mack Attack will be something of a Super B-12 shot into an already healthy body and make this team better by extension. With Mack on one side and Floyd on the other, we may now be looking at the Black And Bruise Brothers for years to come! I can already see that circa 80’s poster of MACK and FLOYD back to back sporting shades and a fedora ala The Black-N-Blues Brothers offensive line. Every man on the roster is now a step quicker and more accountable by his presence.

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Week one has finally arrived and the Bears are just days away from Sunday night’s big Prime Time game against the Green Bay Packers. The Packers unfortunately have had the Bears number, winning 16 out of the last 20 games in recent history. Now we begin the Matt Nagy era with the league’s most played rivalry in football history. The Packers recently took the series lead in 2017 for the first time since 1932 and now lead 96-94-6. I’ve felt this first game was a tough one for the Bears. Aaron Rodgers’ talent and his high drive to right the ship after last year’s injury is nothing to overlook. The Packers have a new Defensive Coordinator in Mike Pettine, and Joe Philbin is now the teams Offensive Coordinator. This adds mystery and intrigue to the first game of the season, given both staffs have little film on each other and the 2018 Pre-Season offered few clues.


Time to take a bite out of the cheese mystique. The Packers will be going with a limited backfield after losing their listed starter Aaron Jones who is suspended for 2 games. Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery will be tasked with keeping #12 upright during passing downs and blitz pickups. The Packers’ Tight Ends is surely one of their strengths, led by Jimmy Graham and Mercedes Lewis. The Bears will have their work cut out for them any time #12 takes the field. Now add the Mack Attack and week one’s healthy defense, Rodgers will need all of his skill position players to provide maximum effort. Fangio heads a hungry Bears D looking for some cheese to go along with his blue chips defense. 2018 Defense are led by Hicks, Mack, Floyd, Goldman, Bullard, Trevathan, Kwiatkowski, Amos, Jackson, Amukamara and Fuller! Roquan Smith will get his first taste of this rivalry, as will Aaron Lynch, both healthy and ready to go. Did any one order Nachos along with the tight stretchy pants?

hqdefault Nacho Libre

The 2018 Bears Offense has no resemblance to the Fox/Loggians coaching staff debacle of 2017. Mitchell Trubisky now has the experience from last year and a coaching willing to put him in a position to succeed. Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, Michael Burton and the Harry Hiestand-led offensive line will test the Packers defensive front with their Secondary both being solid units. The Inside Backers are possibly the weak link this year for the Packers and is one that Trey Burton, Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel and rookie stud Anthony Miller will push all night. Nagy and Offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich will soften up the Packers D with a variety of looks and eventually provide some great fondue for us all to enjoy.

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Ok I know the Packers are a team not to be taken lightly, and in Lambeau the Bears have to slice away one piece at a time. This year might just be when the universe starts to re-align and the Bears can find a balance that thrusts them forward? All teams begin the season with an optimistic approach and fans share the experience just the same. Ryan Pace has done his job and provided this staff on paper with enough talent to get it done! Now it’s up to Coach Nagy to follow-up with a game plan that the players can execute. All off-season we heard those pundits picking the Bears last in the division; they may now have something to choke on! So let’s hope with week one this team starts to melt away the doubters and provide us with a tasty double cheese Bears-GRRR!

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