Today is THE day everything changes for Bears fans. Today is the start of what we have all been waiting for. Today is the day the Bears start the march towards contention.

A week ago Saturday the beloved Chicago Bears traded for one of the most feared, most talented, and most fun to watch pass rushers in all of football, Khalil Mack. We were all excitedly refreshing twitter to make sure it was actually true or we woke up to the news much like Mitch Trubisky was Saturday. When his mom woke him up and told him the news. Trubisky had to text GM Ryan Pace to confirm that rumors where true. The addition of Khalil Mack brings back the potential of another dominant defense that Bears fan appreciate more then anything.

Tonight when the Bears take on the Packers, I believe it will be the beginning of a season to remember. Now I’m not saying the Bears are going to win the super bowl but what I think will happen is almost as fun, the season before your team win the championship. The season where young players start to blossom. The season where a young team starts to come together. The season where clear leaders step up on both sides of the ball. And the season where your team makes the playoffs for the first time in a long time and doesn’t back down from anyone.

All that starts tonight and I am excited for the season opener. I’m looking forward to Bears coming out and hitting Green Bay in the mouth on their home field. Frustrating Rodgers for possibly the first time in his career. Then after the bears walk into Lambeau tonight and win this game the national media will notice if they haven’t already that this Bears team is for real.

Mitch Trubisky will open eyes tonight. As rookie head coach Matt Nagy will unleash his first real offensive game plan. Utilizing Tarik Cohen, Anthony Miller, and Allen Robinson for the first time as I believe he hid them all of preseason.

If you can’t tell I am pumped for this game. I am ready to go. This is the game is where it all starts. The is the first game on the journey to the super bowl. I don’t have any in depth x and o’s analysis here. I’m just like you, I’m ready to watch the Bears beat the Packers ass tonight. Experts and analysts have done all the talking now it’s time to play for real.

BEARS 27 Packers 13


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