On September 9th, 2018, at 9:45 P.M, I watched what I believed to be the best Bears game I’ve watched as a diehard fan. That same night, at 11:36, my heart was shattered. After watching the Bears’ offense play up to their full potential through the majority of the first half, and the defense stopping a healthy Aaron Rodgers several times, everything looked to be on the upswing. But then the second half happened. Here are my 5 takeaways from the thriller in Green Bay.

  1. Khalil Mack was worth every penny

Khalil Mack was worth every single asset and dollar we have put in. He just absolutely wreaks havoc on defenses. He is the best pass rusher in the National Football League. I have no doubt in my mind about it. The man put up a historic 1st half, recording a sack, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, an interception, and a touchdown. He is the first player to record such a statline in a half since like 1971. This man is the best player on the Bears, and it’s not even close.

      2. This team still has the potential for a deep playoff run

Even after what was an awful showing in the second half last night, this team should still hold their heads high and have tremendous optimism as a team. The Bears went into Green Bay and should have won. That hasn’t ever happened since I’ve been watching the Bears. If the Bears aren’t playing the most talented quarterback I’ve ever seen throw a football, they will win a good amount of games. This defense, and offense for that matter, made enough plays last night for me to retain my optimism for the rest of the season.

       3. Trubisky is still up in the air

Trubisky looked fantastic. For the first half. Trubisky looked below average in the second half, for the most part. Trubisky certainly made plays last night that showed why he was the number two overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. But in the 3rd quarter, he completed 8 passes for 26 yards, give or take. Some of this falls on Nagy, which I’ll get to later, but aside from a few plays here and there in the second half; like the 3rd and 7 play late in the fourth quarter to keep the drive alive, Trubisky did not give me any reason to believe he can bring Chicago a Superbowl. Coming into the season, I saw two major weaknesses on this team. Depth at pass rusher and quarterback inexperience, and quarterback play overall. And only one of those was resolved after watching week one.

      4. Matt Nagy has a long way to go

Matt Nagy looked fantastic after taking over play-calling duties in Kansas City last season. He led a Chiefs offense to almost 30 points per game. Granted, he had a better quarterback in Alex Smith, but Trubisky certainly possesses the tools to pick up right where Smith left off. Matt Nagy also called plays in the Chiefs sole playoff game last season, which was not good. That was the showing we got last night. Nagy’s offense looked potent in the first half, building up a 17-0 lead. But the two halves were night and day. Nagy’s play calling in the second half was absolutely inexcusable, and he has some serious explaining to do to the media. Nagy can still be a great football coach, but it didn’t happen overnight like I thought it would.

     5. The NFC North is no joke

After watching the Bears travel to Green Bay last night, one final thing clicked in my mind. The NFC North is the best division in the National Football League. This division is loaded top to bottom, and they will have three playoff teams I think, in the Packers, Bears, and Vikings. The Lions are no pushover either. The Bears will ultimately split with division rivals this season, which is pretty good play given the level of the NFC North.


The Bears game last night showed reasons to hold optimism about the season but also showed reasons to have doubts. Last night, the Bears defense showed they can hang with just about anybody, as long as they aren’t playing the best signal caller in the league. The Bears also showed some composure. To keep your cool as a team in such an atmosphere is something I wasn’t expecting, especially from such a young team. But ultimately, we still lost and looked like absolute garbage offensively in the second half. I don’t like to blame certain people for one loss, and I’m certainly not doing that, but three guys come to the front of my mind when thinking about the loss: Kyle Fuller, Matt Nagy, and Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears will still be a playoff team. Last night showed why I had my optimism, and still do for that matter, but at the same time, it also raised reasons to have doubts about this football team.


Photo per Chicago Tribune


  1. Ralph Law

    September 10, 2018 at 7:09 PM

    Most of the madness falls on Nagy’s stepping off the gas. Nagy killed Trubisky’s rhythm, and called some serious dumb plays, and why would you toss a screen to “No Hands” Sims when Sims wasn’t even smart enough to be at the first down marker? And, Sims also dropped a nice past that hit him right in the middle of his “88.”

    Howard and Cohen are super weapons. Nagy ran the offense like it was an Arena Football League game. Defense was either lazy or gassed in the last quarter. I understand why Mack was gassed. Shame on them.We’ll stee how Mitch develops. Great kids but the offense only put 16 point on its own. We were generating that with Fox at the helm.

    • vincentromeo12

      September 10, 2018 at 7:10 PM

      Completely agree with you. Hopefully we can bounce back in a week with the Seahawks at home.

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