Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. While some memories are better than others, I believe that all things tend to work out as they should. Even when bad things happen, I believe good things are typically coming soon. This fact is exactly how I became a Cubs fan.

I remember the day I became a Cubs fan like it was yesterday. It was in the summer of 1998, and I just got in my first fight. I was 6 years old, close to turning 7, and I was trying to catch my breath after getting the air knocked out of me. My dad, trying to calm me down, help me get to the couch and turned on the TV. He flipped through the channels and landed on WGN. Next thing I knew, I was completely enamored with the TV screen as I saw this hero like figure running out to right field to take his place at the friendly confines.

Sammy Sosa, the slugging right fielder, is the reason I am a Cubs fan. Being young in the midst of the homerun battle between Sosa and McGuire, it was easy to become a Cubs fan and a baseball fan.  I remember pretending to be Sammy in my front yard as I would try to hit home runs and do the “home run hop”. I always wanted to play right field for every baseball team I ever played on and would point my finger in the air to the “crowd” when I arrived in right field.

chi-sammysosa-ct0021764674-20170222.jpgPhil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune

Now, I know the way Sammy left the Cubs wasn’t the best, and Cubs fans tend to have mixed emotions about Sosa now. PED’s, corked bat, and leaving the way Sosa did, it’s understandable the Cubs and Cubs fans are not wanting to mend the relationship. However, I am campaigning that the Cubs mend the relationship and bring back Sammy to the home game on the 25thto celebrate the 20thanniversary of Sammy’s 66thhome run.

For Cubs fans that argue Sammy must confess to PED usage before the Cubs bring him back, I strongly disagree. Let’s take a look at the Barry Bond’s situation. The home run king has been a MLB hitting coach and also recently honored by the Giants for his career. It’s also common knowledge that Barry Bond’s was not the most liked by his teammates, media, and team personnel. However, Bonds has allegedly admitted to the use of steroids, but not without a qualifier saying he was under the impression that he was taking “flax seed”. No clear confession was made.

Sosa has never admitted to using PED’s, arguing he never failed a drug test and played the game the right way. Whether you believe this or not, I think it is just frankly time to move on from the steroid era in baseball. If Sosa didn’t use PED’s, then why should he admit to it? If he did, what good comes from him admitting so now? It’s a subjective thing now and time to move on.

So, if the Giants can bring back Bond’s after everything, why can’t the Cubs do the same with Sosa? This is a new era of Cubs baseball. A successful one that Cubs fan have not seen in 110 years. So, being in a new era, the Cubs owe it to themselves, Sosa, and the fans to mend the relationship with the Cubs and bring him back to Wrigley.

If time really does heal all wounds, this is the time. Let’s bring back Sosa to Wrigley on Sept 25 and mend the relationship with the Slugger who was the face of Cubs for the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Let’s get Sammy Sosa back to RF at Wrigley to celebrate 20 years of the greatest summer in baseball history.


Photo: Charles Cherney/Chicago Tribune
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