Sunday night’s game had all of us running through a myriad of emotions. What could have been? If only? Shoulda, coulda and woulda?  This thought process harbingers back to a famous line “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness”, from A Tale Of Two Cities. Looking back won’t make it better or offer an answer that will erase the loss. Monday night’s game is the Chicago Bears home opener at Soldier Field and that’s what matters.


Seattle Seahawks only ran the ball 29% of the time against Denver in week one. Russell Wilson took six sacks in that game, still Russell is a mobile cagey veteran. He may not be Aaron Rodgers, but his ability to extend plays is always a threat. Chicago’s defense will need to stay gap sound and use tackling fundamentals during underneath routes. Keeping the receivers in front of you, not breaking down,  losing your base requires the effort for all 60 minutes, that fact Fangio and his staff drilled on all week! Week one’s theme throughout the entire league was the lack of tackling; extend the play was on a repeat show loop.

th7SMQ19XT Bobby Wagner

Seattle’s defense may not be the vaunted Legion Of BOOM we have been accustomed to in seasons past. Earl Thomas still patrols that backfield and this defensive team is still well coached. Their Linebacker Bobby Wagner is the type of player Bears’ fans can only hope Roquan will become. Watching Case Keenum against the Seahawks D gives me the Occam’s razor point of view:  A.  Seattle’s defense was very sound; was it disguised so well that he simply was fooled on the interceptions?  Throwing 3 on the day. Or… B.  Case simply stared at his receivers, never moving his eyes vertical or progressing through reads and made it easy to intercept? Trubisky is still learning the position and must avoid the redundancy to stare down one receiver as Seattle secondary displayed the ability to catch the ball. Unlike Ah Ah Ahchoo! Fuller!?

5b92e8ff82752.image Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard is the Rodney Dangerfield at his position in the NFL, ” I tell ya I get no respect!” He will need to be the focus of this offense until further notice. Jordan had 5.5 yrds per carry and 5 receptions on 5 targets for 25 yrds against Green Bay.  Coach Nagy and his offensive staff have watched the tape and have seen that ” To Thine Own Self Be True” uttered by Polonius. Jordan Howard is a bell cow for this offense and this staff will not soon forget that #24 will show you the door that lends towards success! Trubisky’s feet felt the fire a little bit in-game one, and sliding in the pocket or keeping eyes up field will provide him more positive plays for game 2. No way we see Miller running as much motion diversions this game, allowing him to stick his foot in the ground and run more productive routes, not simply be a decoy. Overall they scratched the surface for offensive creativity, thus deploying a deeper route tree is sure to come.



This 2018 Defense took a HUGE leap forward with the addition of Khalil Mack. Akiem Hicks, Roy Robertson Harris, Eddie Goldman,etc….. will benefit no doubt by his presence. Now it’s up to Fangio to exploit, no ultimately codify, that defensive fundamentals and a group’s intact integrity still personifies the teams ability to dominate. I see the Bears Defense returning and embracing this theme all 60 minutes in week 2 against the Seahawks. As Bugs Bunny famously said many times” I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque!”, Game 2 offers the Bears’ Coaches, Players and Fans  the opportunity to get back on the right road towards the season we’re all looking forward too. Monday’s Prime Time big stage starts with self correction. Nagy’s reviewed the film, the practices are being done and the Bears are gearing up for win NUMBER ONE!


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