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You know that feeling?  The one where you’re driving down the highway and the Low Fuel light comes on?  You get over to the right lane, try to ease off on the gas pedal and start to calculate your MPG.  You note the time of day and look for those blessed blue signs telling you how far to the next gas pump… and then you pray you make it because running out of gas right there and then would be disastrous.

That is the feeling I’m dealing with right now as it relates to our Chicago Cubs.  It feels like we are running on fumes, like the needle is way closer to E than to F right now.  The Cubs are currently in the midst of a stretch where they will have been at the ballpark, dressed and in uniform, in 7 different cities (including their home field three times) for THIRTY STRAIGHT DAYS.  While no one in Cubs’ management or in the dugout is using this as an excuse, the results are starting to show.  Power is down, the bullpen is off, runs are harder to come by, and the leads are harder to protect.

It’s a by-product of the scheduling.  Think about this for just one second… The Cubs have been at work every single day since August 21st.  Their next scheduled day off is on September 20th, no thanks to MLB and their [asinine] decision to force today’s make-up game with Washington.  I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but the idea of being at my place of work for THIRTY STRAIGHT DAYS makes me cringe.  Factor in the travel schedule involving at least 11 team flights and those middle-of-the-night hotel check-ins, and you start to get the picture.

This group needs to recharge.

To use the travel analogy, the Cubs need to pull off at the next available exit, fill up the tank, grab a Slim Jim and a Red Bull, and get back on the damn road.  In 2016, they limped into the All Star break after a rough patch in the schedule and then all hell broke loose.  We need some of that mojo, because this season is looking like it will come down to the last few series.  This Chicago Cubs team has demonstrated time and again that they are built for success, but this stretch of games is the stuff that tests our mettle.  We need to stand up and make a statement.  We need to show what we’re made of…

Because, to use another automotive analogy, objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

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