Have you gotten over it yet? Does it still sting when it gets brought up? Have you found the will to live again? It took me till Thursday around mid morning to start listening to my football related podcasts or reading about anything even mentioning Sunday night’s collapse. It was bad. Easily the worst loss for me as a fan in the last handful of years. When I did finally start reentering the sports landscape I was some what surprised by some of the fans reactions.

“Mitch is a bust, he’s awful, blown pick by Pace, Mitch is the anti Christ coming to take all our souls to hell”. These are just some of the hot takes I was reading (the last one might be fabricated). Let’s slow down here people. This is the first game of the kids second season and let’s not forget that he was out playing Rodgers for the first couple drives before he got hurt. The talent is there for the young QB. Saying that he does have to break some bad habits.

You might have seen this photo floating around the twitterverse. That’s Trey Burton stand by alone in the end zone. Did Mitch miss him? Yes. Was it actually as bad as this photo seems? No. In a split second the safety recovers and catches up to Burton. Mitch will eventually make this throw for touchdown as he becomes more experienced and gains confidence.

He needs more poise in the pocket. Trubisky has to be able to go through his progressions and find the open man and fight his instinct to use his athleticism to break the pocket and run at the first sign of trouble. John Fox and his antiquated thinking I’m sure drilled into his head last year not to take sacks and not to take any type of risk. Trubisky has to be able to stay in the pocket under pressure and throw down field. Once Matt Nagy squeezes all the John Fox out of him and he gets more experience I think Mitch is going to be fine. (Also I’m going to call him Mitch not Mitchel cause I like Mitch better.)

Let’s not make snap judgements off of one game, the first game of the year surrounded by one of the better crowds in football going up against the best QB in football. What we really saw the second half Sunday night is rookie head coach get to conservative and make the wrong play calls at the wrong time, a tired defense get smoked by one the best QBs of all time, and a young quarterback make a few mistakes. This is defense is still great. Nagy’s offense is still light years ahead of that garbage the Bears were running last year. And Mitch is still a very young, very athletic player who wants to be great.

Now the Bears have the Seahawks coming to town Monday night and their defense isn’t what it used to be. I think Trubisky and Nagy turn it around this game and take care of business in their second prime time game in as many weeks. Keep it together Bears fans because soon that Sunday night game will feel like a distant memory.

Photo: USA Today

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