That’s right. I said it. Crazy Joe should be the Manager of the year. What’s that? You say Maddon is overrated? He’s cost the Cubs games with his decisions? You want him fired? Well, as they say, everyone is entitled to their opinion. As I say, your opinion is wrong.


Let’s think about this for a minute. Before the season started,  what if I looked into my crystal ball and told you that Yu Darvish, the Cubs $200 million dollar man, would contribute 1, that’s one, single. solo, win for the whole season.? What if f I told you that Kris Bryant would play about half a season and be nowhere near his MVP form of 2 years ago? What  if I told you that Willson Contrearas, while still being one of if not THE premier defensive catcher in baseball, would enter the final week of the season hitting .254 with 9 home runs? What if I told you that the closer, Brandon Morrow, would give you about half a season and be on the DL twice, including down the stretch run? What if I told you that Addison Russell would have a horrific season, hitting .250 5 home runs, 38 RBI, and now is on leave from the Cubs and will probably miss the playoffs due to off the field issues? And what if I told you the Cubs would have to endure a stretch during the most important part of the season where they would have 30 straight days scheduled without a day off? What if I told you all of that before the season started? What do you think the Cubs record would look like? Image result for Cubs win

Well, all of this happened, and, going into the final week of the season, the Cubs have a 2.5 game lead in the division, and have 90 wins. In fact, of the Cubs 9 90 win or more seasons since 1945, 4 of them have come since 2015; all under Joe Maddon. What will the Cubs do in the playoffs? Who knows? Its baseball. Anything can happen. First round exit, another World Series, your guess is as good as mine. All I know is after 108 years of being occasionally good, mostly irrelevant, and a lot of bad, it sure is nice to be in the hunt on a regular basis now. A lot of credit for that goes to Theo Epstein, of course, and the team of players that he has assembled. But let’s give credit to the captain of the ship too. Especially with all of the adversity that I just documented, Joe Maddon has kept this ship not only afloat, but in the lead. And he gets my vote for Manager of the Year.

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