So the Bears are 1-1. Meh. Doesn’t really inspire you in either direction, does it? Defense looks great but has struggled in the fourth quarter of both games. Offense has come out of the box starting both games with touchdown drives but again struggled as the games went on. The Bears also play the Arizona Cardinals this week, one the worst teams in football. So even if the Bears come out and absolutely steam roll this team it still might leave us as fans wanting and wondering about this team. So what do we make of this? Well it leaves me feeling pretty sure about a couple things. Not 100% but pretty sure.

I’m pretty sure that this defense is a top 3 defense in the league.

Look at those numbers. Theres no other way to describe but as Joe has. Insane! This is opposing quarterbacks crapping their pants kinda scary. But yet the Bears are dead last in fourth quarter points allowed so far this season. Yeah that meaningless touchdown at the end of the Seahawks game goes towards that but it still cause for concern. But I’m pretty sure this defense will end the year with elite numbers.

I’m pretty sure Matt Nagy knows what he is doing especially when it comes to play design. To watch the Bears offense this year feels like we all got in a time machine and went Back to the Future from the dark ages where the John Fox playbook was from. I also believe it was written on stone tablets. So to be running so many different formations, all with different motions the defenses have been back on their heels to begin games. But as both games have progressed they have adjusted and Mitch has flat out thrown some bad balls. But as Mitch gains more experience in the offense and when the game finally and hopefully slows down for him, I’m pretty sure this offense is going to be something that is fun to watch.

I am 100% sure about one thing though. A playoff team comes out and wins this game Sunday. The Cardinals are bad. There zero reason to lose this game. A playoff team, a division winning team, takes care of business in Arizona. I’m pretty sure the Bears will do just that.

Bears 27 Cardinals 10

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