Drafted in 2005 in the 7th rd out of Harvard Ryan Fitzpatrick has a leg up on Mitchell Trubisky in more ways than one! The amount of NFL snaps is mind-boggling compared to Mitchell Trubisky. Games started Fitzpatrick 122 vs Trubisky 15. Pass attempts Fitzpatrick 4,150, completion percentage 60.% Trubisky pass attempts 434, completion percentage 61.8%. The fact that Fitzpatrick has had a long career that Trubisky hopes to match in longevity?

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Now what can Mitchell Trubisky do to keep pace with Ryan Fitzpatrick in today’s game? The answer is so clear that even Fitzpatrick 48 Wondelic score is not even needed for an answer. Set his FEET, set his FEET and follow through! After watching tape on #10 against Seattle and Arizona the film shows you everything you need to know. Mitchell Trubisky has the arm talent, instincts, and ability to move defenders with his eyes that the NFL position requires. #10 is just getting started and the best is ready to reveal itself as he continues to grow. Trubisky

Now as we wait for Mitchell Trubisky to develop he must eliminate the cross body throws into the defense and make ball security a top priority! The Defense will ride the Trubisky Train, waiting for departure and make up for his lack of scoring production. One way to get the guys to jump of that train, will be lack of ball security. #10 for now just needs to play with in him self and trust his eyes. Film has also shown that stepping into the throw in the pocket, has been inconsistent. Watching him step, drive and spin the ball into windows with velocity it’s there!Maybe Matt Nagy takes the training wheels off going into the BYE WEEK? Tampa proved even after three interceptions VS Pittsburgh, they will continue to push for more.

Red zone scoring! Bears Defense! Special Teams points! ALL 3 needed for the fourth game of the season and the second home game. Make no mistake if Trubisky has another sub-par game, all eyes are on him, Head Coach and Chase Daniels deserves a look moving forward. No not the end of Trubisky just the right thing to do for this Defense in 2018.

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