Who else was screaming at their TV last week when the Bears were down 14-0 nothing to one of the worst teams in football? C’mon. Be honest. Well, if you weren’t, why weren’t you? That was a travesty. It turns out it didn’t matter because the Bears have the scariest defense in the league who took over and won that game putting the Bears in first place in the NFC North.

“The offense continues to struggle while the defense continues to win them games.” This has been said a million times over the years for the majority of Bears winning seasons. The difference now is Chicago has a second overall pick behind center. With being the first quarterback taken in last years draft comes certain expectations from fans and media, now Mitch has to start showing progress.

I don’t think any one of us after watching the first three games this year is expecting Mitch to flip a switch and be great this week. What we are all looking for is signs of improvement. Staying in the pocket and going to his third read, looking off a safety, hitting his hot routes, any one or two of these things to show us he is progressing. As I have said I believe Mitch has all the tools to be a top tier QB. It’s now the mental side of things he has to start showing growth in.

This week the Bears play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a clash of old NFC Central teams. Their offense lead by Ryan Fitzpatrick has been shockingly sensational putting up big numbers in all their games so far. Fitzpatrick was the first player to pass for 400 yards in three straight games. Here’s the thing though, he’s still Ryan Fitzpatrick. I think the Bears defense will be challenged but ultimately they are the best in the league and will bring the Bucs offense back down to earth.

Now, the offense is going to have to get into the end zone this week. 16 points will not be enough to win this game. This Bucs defense is bad. They would have to get a lot better just to be mediocre. Mitch has to show signs of life this week. He has to take a step forward and show the fans something. He might even have to play well enough to where the narrative after the game is “Hey the offense actually won this game for us”.

The offense takes a step forward this week.

Bears 31 Bucs 24

Photo: The Suntimes.
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