I’ve been hearing a lot of crying around baseball, and it’s time to stop. Stop it right now. You are in the position you’re in because you put yourself there. This includes the Cubs. They could have had this division wrapped up by now. Here are a few of the things, not only about the Cubs, but around baseball and sports in general that I’ve heard.

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Why do the Cubs have to finish against St. Louis while Milwaukee gets to play the Tigers? When the schedule makers made the schedule, they wouldn’t have known how this was going to play out. The Cubs were the clear cut favorite to win the National League Central, and we all thought that would be a done deal by now. By the way, the Cubs had their 3 games against the Tigers earlier. They also had 3 games last weekend against the White Sox, who are equally as bad as Detroit. Shut up and beat who you play.

The Yankees can win 100 games and only be in a 1 game Wild Card game. Tough. Win more games. The same thing I say to Dick Vitale and the other gas bags every year on the Monday after the NCAA Tournament seedings when they moan about this team should have gotten in, that team is seeded too high. Win more games and you won’t have to worry about it. Remember the 2008 NFL season when Tom Brady got hurt in the first game and the Patriots won 11 games with Matt Cassel? They didn’t make the playoffs. Tough. should have won 12.

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The one-game Wild Card is unfair. Again, tough. Win your division and you won’t have to worry about it. The 1 game playoff was put in by baseball for 2 reasons. One is it generates interest. A few years ago, a couple of teams ended up tied for their divisions and they had to play 1 game to decide the champion. The ratings were high. People liked it. The other was to give incentive to win the division and not tank to get a better draw in the playoffs, as had been done before with the 1 Wild Card team format.  But it messes up your rotation if you have to use your ace in that game. Guess what? Tough. Win more games and win your division and you won’t have to worry about it. Or, have more than 1 good starting pitcher, which you probably do if you’re a playoff team, so this argument really holds no water with me. If the Cubs, God forbid, do end up in a 1 game situation, either as a Wild Card or in a 1 game playoff with the Brewers if they end up tied for the division, I would be totally fine with Jon Lester, Cole Hamels, or Kyle Hendricks starting that game, and then come back with the other 2 should you win and advance. Lester is the appointed number 1, Hamels has been their best pitcher since coming over in the trade, and Hendricks has been as good as anybody the past month.

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As of this writing on Saturday, the Cubs are in the playoffs. Its just a question of winning the division and  avoiding  the 1 game playoff.  Win Saturday and Sunday and that’s it. Or any combination of a Cubs win and a Brewers loss will also do the trick. The Cubs are in the spot they’re in because of themselves, but they also control their own fate. To be honest, I’d rather see them clinch against the Cardinals anyway. Not only does it tickle me pink to beat St. Louis, but there’s a sense of “we earned it ourselves” in doing it that way. So screw the Brewers. Win these 2 games and let’s get ready for what will hopefully be another World Series run. And if it isn’t, hey this is still a lot more fun than “wait till next year” isn’t it?

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