“There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.” Malcolm X. This statement rings true for a team that went 3-13 last year, 5-11 2016 and 3-13 2015. Sure a new Head Coach in Matt Nagy was added and free agent talent have no battle scars from the last 3 years. The simple fact remains this roster was built by those tough losses. Every player to a man from those teams, has been through the fire and come out the other side better for it! Tough times don’t last but tough people do! G.M. Ryan Pace and Head Coach Matt Nagy

The second quarter of the season offers an unusual scheduling trend the NFL has offered the Bears. All four of the Bears upcoming games are against AFC East opponents? Week 6 the Bears face Miami and so far Adam Gase has them at 3-1? Miami played the Titans week one winning 27-20, NY Jets week two offered a 20-12 victory, they defeated Oakland 28-20 week 3 and then ran into the Patriots week 4 taking it on the chin 38-7 for their first loss. Miami next game comes against a good 3-1 Bengals team in Cincinnati. The Dolphins have an issue up front at center, losing starter Daniel Kilgore week 4, now going with Travis Swanson not signed till week 2. The next three games the Bears face are the New England Patriots in Chicago week 7, week 8 is a back to back home game against Buffalo and finishing out on the road with the NY Jets week 9.

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Maybe 2-2 is a conservative outlook for the Bears? Every week in the NFL is going to be a challenge and no team should be overlooked. Conservative? No way. This second quarter of games feels much like the first four. This Defense will get you two, and the offense either equally contributes or at least will answer the bell for one more. 3-1 or 4-0 has more appeal and honestly may not be out of the question. Of course New England is the type of team that the Bears have yet to play in scheme, QB talent, skilled players and overall coaching! Green Bay was equal in QB talent, but by no means are they New England. Clearly week one was an example of what elite quarterback play looks like. Chicago made only a few mistakes and was one, two or three Walt Frazier-heroic-mysticism-throws from Rodgers from being 4-0.

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What does the new look for the Bears offer their opponent’s, that previous incarnations were not able to pull off? As any Dapper Dan knows, you’re only a sharp dressed man if you’re able to put it all together. Ladies say it starts with the shoes; that’s the first place they look. [Special Teams]. Chris Tabor has been a great hire, and has the Bears according to P.F.F. RANKED NUMBER ONE! Then you have the shirt, pants and tie. [Defense]. Take aways, sacks and continued run defense, ranked #2 behind Philadelphia and overall ranked at #4 by Completing the ensemble with the jacket, socks, watch and sunglasses. [Offense]. This one starts and stops with Mitchell Trubisky, not that he has to win the game just continue to improve. Coach Nagy seemed to open up more routes, varied personnel options and better fluidity with his play calling against Tampa. The ability to start games with scoring drives in 3 of the last 4 games sets the tone, and overall play calling will surely improve as Matt Nagy has a better feel for his roster. The O-line blocking has been solid overall and 6 touchdowns proved if Mitchell Trubisky gets time, be sure he is throwing a DIME!

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