The bye week comes at weird time for Bear fans. Unlike in past years, we actually want to keep watching this team play. This team is fun. The defense is the best in football and our quarterback threw 6 touchdown passes last week. 6! What in the world is going on! Now, boom, the bye week. Sad emoji face.

Ok so here are your options this week, spend time with the family, do the yard work you have been putting off, or park your butt in your favorite chair and turn on the Redzone channel. Let’s be honest the Redzone channel is the best option here. First off nobody likes to do yard work except maybe that one weird guy that’s at everybody’s work. The family isn’t a bad option. Maybe make the annual trip to the pumpkin patch this Sunday. Good luck with those crowds on Bears bye week. Better to go after a Bears game or even better wake up early and go before one starts. So that brings us back to the Redzone channel.

I know I’m not the only one that loves the Redzone. When Scott Hanson greets me with that smiling face, I just know it’s going to be a good day. I get to see every touchdown, every great play, and I don’t even have to work the remote. Does it get any better? I submit that it does not.

So sorry if you were looking for in depth analysis here this week. I just wanted to tell you to enjoy the bye week whether you are hiding from your family in front of the television or out at a pumpkin patch with literally thousands of people. I know where I will be. I will be watching that clock countdown and waiting for it click over to “Hello I’m Scott Hanson and welcome to the Redzone”.

Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images
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