As Bears fans we know heartache right? Well I don’t know if it’s heartache as so much as we know how it is to watch to watch terrible football played by a less then mediocre team, right? What I’m trying to say is, we have watched the Bears lose football games for awhile now. In doing that, some of us have become hardened or at least apathetic at times. We close our fandom off and say “I don’t care, Bears lost again”. “They suck again”. Now watching this team some feeling is starting to come back. The numbness of all these losing years is starting it wear off. We are yelling at our TVs again. Beating our chests with another Khalil Mack sack alone in our family rooms. We, collectively, as a fan base are allowing ourselves to think “What if this team is for real?”

What if this Bears defense is special? What type of special is it? Is it 2006 special? A defense that was led by future Hall of Famer Brian Ulacher, that defense just flat out won games by themselves. It wasn’t like Rex Grossman and the offense was setting the world on fire. Is this defense that good? They have a player in Khalil Mack if he stays on his current trajectory is a no doubt HOFer. They are scaring the hell out of quarterbacks. This defense thus far is flat out shutting teams downs and causing turnovers that lead to points. How dominant can this defense get? It’s been special so far, but what heights can this D get to?

What if Mitchell Trubisky has figured it out? 6 touchdown passes. I still can’t get over it from two weeks ago. I know he was playing a really bad defense but he threw 6 touchdown passes. Matt Nagy has been credited as an offense savant when he was brought in as Head Coach and we have seen that the schemes he’s using are working. The Bears have receivers running wide open. Throwing windows that are there every game so far this season. Can Mitch be a top 15 QB this year, in this league? The play calling is there for him now. Can he/ has he put it together enough to be an above average quarterback? He has the weapons in Cohen, Robinson, Burton to just name a few. What if this teams O turns into a top half of league scoring offense? With this defense, look out the rest of the league. What if that happens or is happening?

Now I’m writing and publishing this before the Bears play Miami. So if the Bears come out and crap the bed against the Dolphins, I’m going to look pretty foolish here. I mean I’m talking about some pretty big things here. Almost like I’m saying that if some things break right for the Bears they could be Super Bowl contenders. Wow. I’m going to look stupid…wait. I shouldn’t think like that. I’m just going to allow myself to think. What if?

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