“Show me a gracious looser and I’ll show you a failure.” Knute Rockne. The Patriots enter week 7 against the Bears in Chicago 4-2 and riding a 3 game win streak. Coming off a 43-40 week 6 offensive slug fest vs the Chiefs, are the Patriots beatable? It seems to happen every year: the Patriots struggle a little early, then start to find that total team continuity that personifies their excellence.

Was Week 6 for the Bears almost some kind of Deja Vu experienced in week 1 vs Green Bay and the Rodgers comeback? Sure Miami did it in 100+temperature field conditions and took advantage of player fatigue. Week 1 the players playing limited snaps in pre-season had that late 3rd, 4th quarter fatigue set in, and tackling became an issue and YAC was the stat of the day.

Now every player to a man has stated, “that was game 6 and time to move on!” Eddie Jackson put out the tweet that mentioned “Have his critics ever even played the game?” At first read I was like OH YA and then after watching Nagy’s Sunday’s post game presser, I learned the burden these guys all feel. Week 7 that story line will work, and it is really on to the next one that matters.

The 2018 Bears started the season in a rebuild mindset for most, and until going 3-1, that for sure was the headline. The Bears players have no one to live up to other than themselves. All players and staff have the benefit of playing for the Loyal Chicago fans and an all-in effort is all we expect! Hard nosed, blue-collar, black and blue, 60 minutes is all we require.

Now take the last 4th quarter against Miami and the Green Bay game and imagine how New England feels for all 16+? New England for over a decade has worn those expectations year-in year-out. Never can they win one, loose one, or go 9-7, 10-6 and not be in a championship game be acceptable? Chicago’s roster has all the upside, that any fan can be optimistic about moving forward. Week 7 offers the Bears a glimpse into what the elite level of burden offers and how Heavy The Head That Wears The Crown Is! Remember the heavy toll this carried and how hard it was to repeat?

Super Bowl XX


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