“A Great Ball Player Is The Player Who Will Take A Chance!” Branch Rickey. This Sunday The Chicago Bears will need to take a few, players and coaches a like.

Bears Defense Left Side

  • Can Josh Gordon take the Bears for a ride?

Bears Defense Right Side

  •  Julian Edelman is he too shifty for Kyle Fuller to control?

Bears Defense In The Middle

  • Rob Gronkowski will he expose the Bears middle?

Bears Defense Front Seven

  • Was Frank Gore’s Miami game a blueprint for running on the Bears?


Bears Offense Running Game

  • Can the Bears impose their will with Jordan Howard?

Bears Offensive Play Calling

  • Has Matt Nagy been holding back his play calling or will his past success against the Patriots, open new success for the Bears?
  • The Tight Ends have been silent overall, but are they due for some routes, and give Mitchell Trubisky that quick one? ANY one besides Burton?

Bears Wide-Outs Creating Yards

  • Deep routes are great, can the receivers catch and run with the ball in open field, or create space and get some YAC?

Josh Gordon and Julian Edeleman have Tom Brady and his offense moving heading into week 7 against the Bears. Gordon’s hands are great and he needs to be well guarded throughout the entire route. Prince Amukamara or Kevin Toliver must tackle and chip all night. Edelman is gaining his playing legs and Kyle Fuller needs to be physical at the line, not giving that standard 7 yard Cushing every route. Rob Gronkowski is still a Beast, and either the Linebackers make it hard to get his first 5 yards or continue to team tackle and punch at the ball!

footballthrill.org Brady

This time it’s all hands on deck and the front seven must return to the Dominant front we have seen going into week 6 vs Miami. Ok that heat was a huge factor, still not creating any real push was an issue. Those guys are prideful bunch and will surely rebound this week. Look for Vic Fangio to rotate players and put in a few wrinkles for the Patriots to deal with. The Bears front seven will close those open running lanes and wrap up better moving forward. Keys: Interior attack up the middle and PUSH THROWS to the outside!

bleacherreport.com Trubisky to Howard

On the offensive side Jordan Howard should be used for a heavy dose! The O-Line must try to set the tone and put that physicality in the bank for later in the game. Sure it may be anti-productive to go 3 and out and punt to the Patriots, but you can’t always allow that Defensive front come out in the third fresh! Tight-Ends’ usage is puzzling so far and could also aide to tiring defenders later in the game. Make the Linebackers and Secondary carry the weight of 260lbs players 6 to 10 times and the results follow.

YAC this is the big one. Not only has this been imposed against the Bears week 1, week 6, it is highly apparent the Bears receivers catch a ball and get tackled all too often. Tarik Cohen has been an exception to this and is always Captain Create your own. Matt Nagy needs to draw up more routes that allows for this or the players themselves need to create it on their own. Making defenders pursue the tackle only adds in fatigue later in the game. Overall, I see opposing defenses way too fresh entering the third or carried into the fourth.

Week 7 is the Bears toughest test to date. Run like Detroit and slow down the game. Throw like Jacksonville and overwhelm their defense with fatigue. Maybe mix both, this will not be a game were 30 minutes, 45 minutes matters. All 60, every play, every man now must live for this moment. No more “will watch the film next” week story lines. Every play needs to be, that is the best job they could have done and the films needs to echo that! #BearsNation and please tell us what you think! Let US know your keys to the game.

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