The media can turn rather quickly in our society, we know that. Kevin Durant was a beloved superstar in basketball, and then he left the Oklahoma City Thunder and instead joined the Golden State Warriors and now he is the biggest villain in the NBA. One decision changed his life forever. The same kind of repercussions happened to Lebron James when he decided to leave Cleveland and join Miami. The media turns so quickly on athletes, and it’s actually scary how often they do it. Today’s society craves instant gratification with just about everything now. You can watch almost any movie imaginable in the comfort of your own home with Netflix. You can transfer money between friends instantly now with Venmo. Our society craves this, and they have in sports for a long, long time.

Mitchell Trubisky had only 13 starts at North Carolina and was doubted by many of the biggest NFL draft analysts. The Bears traded up and spent the second overall pick on Trubisky, and Ryan Pace was bombarded with insults following his controversial move. He was simply up and down his rookie year, and, by many, was labeled a bust after just 12 NFL starts. He showed promise, but many, including myself, though he was limited. All of these opinions were generated while Trubisky had John Fox, who was absolutely terrible in his stint in Chicago. Not to mention that Trubisky had limited help around him.

A player in a similar situation as Trubisky not too long ago was Jared Goff. Goff had a head coach that was very similar in philosophy and coaching style to John Fox in Jeff Fisher. He had limited weapons around him, with pass catchers like Brian Quick and Kenny Britt. He was playing in a city many didn’t even consider a football city. But after they got the proper coaching and talent around him, he is now a borderline all-pro talent. I’m not saying Trubisky is on that talent level because he isn’t, but if he can make even a portion of that jump, watch out. He has to an extent. With Nagy, Trubisky looks like he is making strides in his overall game. It is like night and day compared to 2017. Trubisky’s average passer rating last year was 77.5, compared to this season’s 105.6. I’m telling you, that young offensive mind on the coaching staff plays a huge role in quarterback play, and that is the direction the NFL is going. Guys like Jason Garrett and Vance Joseph are on the way out and their gonna be looking for young, clever offensive minds to take their places.

Instant gratification is something that is demanded too much in sports. Unless you are a grade A, home run prospect, you have to work to get to the top. Drew Brees, the best statistical quarterback to ever live, was passed on by 31 NFL teams. He went to a basketball school and made it a football school. Heard of Purdue football since 2000? Neither have I. The then San Diego Chargers passed on him due to injury concerns. He didn’t have elite size and wasn’t an elite athlete, but he defied the odds through hard work and has been one of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever watched. This just goes to show that even the best of the best don’t fulfill this idea of instant gratification that most sports fans have come to expect from athletes. Not everyone is Andrew Luck or Patrick Mahomes. Most of these guys that make it to the top have to outwork the other guys and have to want it more than these other guys. Once you get to the top, staying there is even harder, and that is why Tom Brady and the Patriots have created the greatest sports dynasty ever. We are talking about the Patriots as Super Bowl contenders for an 18th consecutive season, but I digress. Anyway, Mitchell Trubisky has that drive, that want. He wants it more than the other guys.

The NFL media has flip-flopped its mind on Mitchell Trubisky too many times, and it isn’t fair to a guy that works as hard as he does. He has looked significantly better, but lots of analysts still view him as a “low ceiling guy”. These doubters are good because it develops that chip on the shoulder that a lot of the guys at the top have, like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson. I will wait it out with Trubisky, as I think he has the talent to be a top-level guy. I will wait as long as it takes if it brings this team a Super Bowl. This team deserves it. This fanbase deserves it. Unlike the media, whether it be through thick or thin, I’m all in on Trubisky for the long haul, and you should be too.

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