I had to take a timeout from the 3:00 games last week. I was so upset following the Bears lose that I had to just get away from football for awhile, and that means something because as I’ve discussed I love the Redzone. After the game against Miami where the Bears squandered there second game of the season away, I was done with football for the rest of the day.

When I returned mid week I wasn’t surprised when I heard the narrative from the national media and some of the local as well, some how that game was lost due to Mitch Trubisky not being good enough and throwing a bad interception inside the redzone. Mitch played more then well enough to win that game. This is all talked about in an article written yesterday. Check it out here.

The bottom line from last Sunday is the Bears lost a game they should have won and were expected to win. After the third week of the season I went through the Bears schedule and tried to predict the rest of the games to see what realistically the Bears record could be. I came up with 10-6 or 11-5. I also had the Bears winning in Miami.

That brings us to this week. This week is one of the weeks I had the Bears losing. Facing Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the Patriots this is an easy one to mark down as a loss. So if you are going to say the Bears finish with a playoff record like 10-6 or 11-5 then they have to win a game they weren’t supposed to, to make up for last weeks loss. Can this be the game they win that they weren’t supposed to?

I listen to Bill Simmons podcast regularly, as I’m sure some of you do as well. I’m a big fan. I love almost everything that the Ringer does. Saying all that to say this. I’m getting super annoyed by the way Simmons and really the rest of the national media is talking about Trubisky. I’m going to chalk it up to ignorance. He has been playing well. He’s taken strides forward this year and this week’s game is the perfect arena for him to show everyone that he and this team is for real.

The Bears are 3 point underdogs at home this week. Tom Brady is maybe the best quarterback of all time but defenses that have given him some trouble in the past are teams that can create pressure without blitzing. The Bears are the best team in the league at doing just that. Lets hope the horrible tackling that was displayed in Miami was just a horrible apparition. I’m excited about this game. I’m excited for the real defense to show up. I’m most excited for Mitch to go out there and silence the haters.

Bears 31 Patriots 27.

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