With the trade deadline quickly approaching, some rumors are still red hot. While the Bears would be smart to hold on to certain pieces a little while longer, they could go out and get some guys that make them better. I would not do all of these trades, they are just some offers they could consider before the October 30th deadline.

Jordan Howard to the Eagles in exchange for a 2019 3rd round pick:

Look. I like Jordan Howard. I think he is a fantastic player, and am rather perplexed as to what has caused his inefficiency this season. On 90 carries through 6 games this season, Howard has 311 yards, 2 TDs, and a fumble. I think we can all see that Howard isn’t being used properly and if that is the case then I think he should go. Nagy either needs to use him properly or have him shipped out. With Eagles’ RB Jay Ajayi tearing his ACL, that leaves a void at running back for Philly, and Howard could fill his role nicely. The Eagles don’t have many holes to fill, so they should be able to trade away some draft capital without many repercussions. With the Carlos Hyde trade setting the market for a back like Howard, a third is the most I could see the Bears getting for Howard, whether it be before the trade deadline or in the offseason, and that might be generous. I really don’t want to see Howard go, but even if we do keep him, we are unlikely to retain him when his rookie deal is up. With over $100M invested into the defense, and guys like Trubisky, Cohen, and Amos needing to get paid, keeping Howard seems unlikely. I think trading him this offseason is more likely, but Pace could certainly test the waters in the coming days. With Nagy not using both Cohen and Howard effectively, one needs to go, and Cohen is not slacking this season by any means. Also with the emergence of committees, I don’t think the loss of Howard will hurt as much as people think. With how good Pace has been at drafting running backs, I certainly expect Howard’s 2017 production to be replaced in the 2019 draft. If this trade doesn’t happen before the 30th, it will definitely happen in the offseason if you ask me, and fans need to gear up for life without Jordan Howard.

Jordan Howard to the Colts in exchange for a 2019 3rd:

I’ve already expressed my thoughts on why Howard should be traded, and I just find the Colts to be another ideal landing spot. I love Andrew Luck. This guy is so talented, and people still don’t recognize that. If you give him some weapons to work with, he will be in the MVP conversation, and Howard would certainly help him out, not to mention he would pair well with rookie Nyheim Hines. With the Colts to likely finish with 6 wins at best, this 3rd should be decent compensation for Howard and what he would bring to Indianapolis.

Jordan Howard to the Jets for a 2019 4th:

This is just another spot that seems possible for a Howard trade. The Jets have both Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell, but Howard could certainly help out a Jets offense that has been up and down all season. The reason only a 4th is offered here is that the Jets have the cap space to go after a bigger name like Le’veon Bell in the offseason, but Howard would certainly come at a cheaper cost.

2019 2nd round pick for Giants S Landon Collins:

Amos has proven to be a solid option for the Bears at safety since 2015 but has never been stellar. He has done a good enough job on the back end but has never been a true playmaker. Through about 3 and ½ seasons, Amos has one interception and has forced three fumbles. Amos has always been a good tackler, but the position could be better. I would certainly feel more comfortable paying Landon Collins long term. He has proven to be a better playmaker, as he has eight interceptions through 3 and ½ seasons, and 32 pass defenses compared to Amos’s 11. I could see why someone would say hold off, as the Bears are low in draft capital from the Mack trade, and Collins would demand big money compared to Amos. Not to mention this is a defensive unit with more than 100 million invested already. I personally think this deal won’t get done, as I think Amos is more bang for your buck, and the Bears have more glaring holes to fill, like cornerback depth, but this is certainly an intriguing scenario.

Photo: Chicago Tribune
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