Aaron Leming (who if you aren’t following you should be if your a Bears fan) has been talking all week about how the Bears have to be 5-3 following today and next weeks games if they want to think about making the playoffs. And I have to say I 100% agree with him. The Bears play the Jets and the Bills the next two weeks. Two teams who are already looking to the future. Two teams with rookie quarterbacks, even though the Bills rookie won’t be playing due to injury. These are two must win games for the Bears playoff aspirations.

The defense has been struggling. That’s the reason the Bears have lost the last two games, no matter how many times people tell you it’s Mitch Trubisky’s fault. The Bears have spent a lot of money and a lot of draft capital on the defensive side of the ball. The defense is built to be the anchor of this team and when it absolutely whiffs on tackles, has blown coverages, and doesn’t rush the passer the Bears are going to lose. Khalil Mack’s injury obviously doesn’t help. It also doesn’t help when you drop him into coverage over and over again.

Mitch has made mistakes. He has made some dumb throws into tough coverage that led to interceptions or dropped interceptions in or around the redzone. He also put up 333 yards in the air with 2 touchdowns and ran for 81 yards and a touchdown. The team scored 31 points. Last weeks game was not on Mitch and the offense.

I would like to see Leonard Floyd have more success rushing the passer. Now granted Vic Fangio would actually have to let him. I’ve seen Floyd drop back in coverage way to much for my liking the last couple weeks. Let the kid eat. You drafted him high in the first round to be a pass rusher, let him do his job.

The Jets have a rookie quarterback. Now he has probably been the best rookie from this class thus far but he is still a rookie. The Bears need to come out and put pressure on him. If that means blitzing, then blitz. He can’t be allowed to sit back in the pocket and have time to make decisions. I still think the Bears should contend for a playoff spot. If they want to do that they have to win this game and I think they do.

Prediction: Bears 28 Jets 14

Photo: The Chicago Tribune
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