Well Bulls Nation, it just might be time to fire up the ol’ tank once again. Like many others of the Bulls faithful, I expected the team to take a step forward and compete for a low playoff seed in a weakened eastern conference. But the injury bug has bitten the Bulls yet again, with four key players in Lauri Markkanen, Kris Dunn, Bobby Portis, and Denzel Valentine slated to miss extended time. The talent level amongst the healthy players just isn’t going to cut it in the NBA.

Zach Lavine has been the only bright spot for the team, being fully recovered from his ACL tear. He is turning in to the star talent the Bulls were hoping he would be; His offense has been money, and he has shown improvement on the defensive end as well. But Zach can’t do it alone, and with Cam Payne being the starting point guard for the next 2 months or so (God help us all), the abysmal defense, and flat out just poor coaching, by the time the team is finally healthy, the hole just might be too big for them to climb out of.

So it might be best for the Bulls to just tank again this year, in an effort to try to secure a high draft pick and land a top prospect like R.J. Barrett or Zion Williams. Or just maybe, the Bulls can find a way to get a few wins here and there and can stay afloat, until our guys return from injury and can go on a roll. However the Bulls proceed, one thing is becoming more and more clear, for this team to be successful, Fred Hoiberg can NOT be the coach!

He allowed his team to have 92 points hung on them in the 1st half, which is the most points the Bulls have allowed in a half EVER! Yes, it was the defending champion Golden State Warriors but that still is no excuse for such an absurd dismantling that was allowed. Klay Thompson sunk an NBA record 14 three-pointers. Listen there is absolutely no way as a head coach that I’m going to allow a player to break a record and drop 14 threes on my team in our building! Deny him the ball, double-team him, triple team him, if somebody else on their team makes a shot oh well, but you go out there and make sure he does not get another shot from behind the three-point line.

Ty Lue who coached the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA championship ever, in his first season without Lebron, just got fired for a 0-6 start. You’re telling me Fred Hoiberg can have a 2-5 start to the season and allow 92 first half points, and his job is secure!? There is no point and waiting till the season is over to do it, Fred needs to be fired right now!

Bulls Nation do you think the Bulls fire Hoiberg during the season? After the season? Or do you think his friendship with Gar Foreman sees him remain the coach for next season? Hoiberg’s fate might not be decided today, but we will find out if he can coach the team to a much more competitive effort tonight, as the Bulls take on the visiting Denver Nuggets at the United Center.

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