Anyone else tired of hearing how the Bears are winning DESPITE Mitch Trubisky? I know I am. Pundits that are supposed to be a lot more knowledgeable about the game then I am seem to have blinders on when it comes to #10. I think it all stems from this scenario.

Pundit doesn’t like Trubisky pre draft. Not enough experience, can’t grasp NFL offense, yada yada

Pundit hates the trade Ryan Pace makes to trade up one spot to make sure he gets the QB he wants. Pundit destroys the Bears for this move.

Trubisky then struggles in his rookie season running a prehistoric offense under the tutelage of horrible coach John Fox with absolutely zero WRs. Pundit then says see I told everyone this guy isn’t good.

Now Mitch is thriving in coach Matt Nagy’s offense. Pace goes and signs real NFL wide receivers. The pundit now says well it couldn’t be that I was wrong. It must be that all his success are coming on screen passes and dump off throws. FALSE. Or I mean he’s putting up numbers but what do numbers mean anyway. I’m the pundit, I must be right.

I tweeted this out earlier this week. Surprisingly I didn’t get much backlash from it. Accept from one guy who said Trubisky isn’t in the same “league” as Goff or Wentz. Not in the same league? You see those numbers up there in the tweet right? Look if you want to argue that either of those quarterbacks are better then Mitch, fine. We can debate that. But you can not fawn over Wentz and Goff’s second year break outs. Saying they are future stars of league and then just dismiss Trubisky’s success as luck. These are the numbers. The old saying is numbers don’t lie and it’s just as true in this case.

Carson Wentz was the odds on favorite to win the MVP before he went down with a knee injury. Mitchell Trubisky has had basically the same numbers through the first 10 weeks as Wentz had last year.

Now, has Mitch made some ill advised throws that were intercepted or were dropped and should have been interceptions? Yes he has. Has he over thrown some guys who were open? Yes he has. But doesn’t every quarterback in the league do these things at some point during their season? Yes they do. So get off my quarterback’s back about it. This kid who started a grand total of 13 games in college then played for a fossil in his rookie year is straight up tearing up the NFL right now.

The game is slowing down for Trubisky now. He is seeing his second and third reads. Oh and he’s also second in the league in rushing behind Cam for QBs. Stop hating on the kid and enjoy this break out year. Mitch is only going to continue to get better. It will be better for the pundits to admit their mistake now and get on the Trubisky train. It will pay off in the long run. There’s a reason I put a period at the end of the title for this piece. There’s no question about it. He’s good.

This is team is going to win the division and that will be proven Sunday night.

Predicition: Bears 31 Vikings 24

Photo: Chicago Sun Times
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