The Bulls are not seeing any returns on the investment that they made with signing Jabari Parker. And it’s time they face that reality.

Admit it to your self. The Bulls signing Jabari Parker felt like a feel good story that would have a happy ending. After-all, hearing that Parker wanted to bring his talents to a team a he grew up rooting for would make anyone feel nice and cozy inside. But with each passing game it’s becoming more and more evident. The Chicago Bulls made a terrible decision bringing in the oft injured forward.

Sadly, Parker’s injury history has nothing to do with his performance or lack there of on the court. Parker has been a healthy play for each game he has played in. No, it’s been Parker’s frenetic style that just doesn’t mesh well with the offensive sets that Fred Hoiberg draws up.

Don’t get me wrong. All of Parker’s game is not a soar spot for me. He can be an excellent passer when he wants to be. And he can be a load to deal with when he’s on the block operating with his back to the rim.

But the key words that I want you to focus on are “when he wants to be”. Otherwise Parker seems willing to settle for contested mid-range jumpers and iso plays that stop the flow of movement.

Parker plays with an aimless frantic pace that throws off the defense but also leaves his teammates to second guess his movements. Hoiberg’s offense works best when there are multiple play-makers on the court who can keep the ball moving. But with Parker, the game usually comes to a sudden halt, as he has a tendency to hold on to the ball.

There is no way to defend the defensive effort that Parker has been showing in his brief time with the Bulls.

The choppiness in Parker’s play isn’t the only thing negatively affecting his team. As bad as he has been on offense, he has proven even more ineffective on defense. And the defensive miscues can be directly attributed to his turnovers. Sixteen games in to the season and he has already committed 43 turnovers.

And with each turnover, Parker has displayed an innate ability to show the least amount of effort in getting back on defense and covering his assignment.

He has been a liability in one on one man coverage. He doesn’t contest shots at the rim when he does display some awareness. It’s so bad that unproven rookies have seen more crunch time play when the Bulls are in closely contested games than Parker.

Really, nothing about Parker’s play screams that he should be starting for the Bulls, let alone making $20 million for it. The slew of injuries they have faced at both forward positions is why they still require his services. But when Markkanen, Portis, and Valentine return, what moves will the Bulls make then?

It sounds like the Bulls $20 million man has become noting more than a $20 million a year distraction.

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