In life, some things just never change. You will never be able to please everyone. You just won’t, no matter how hard you try. It seems like the national media’s perception of this team will never change. Unless they win a Super Bowl, it will be the same story for most of these talking heads. The perception of Mitchell Trubisky definitely won’t change for a lot of these guys that talk about sports for a living. I wrote articles about the media perceptions of the Bears a few weeks ago. You can read those here and here.

My favorite analyst around is Colin Cowherd. I know not a lot of people really like him all that much, and I get that, he isn’t for everyone, but I think he is good at what he does. That doesn’t mean I always agree with him. Today, he kicked off his show by talking about last night’s game, and here were his thoughts: “There are two stories going on with the Bears. They have a very, very good defense led by one of the great defensive players of my lifetime, Khalil Mack. The second part of the story is Matt Nagy.” I really feel like when he talks about Trubisky and the Bears that he has only watched them in week one and last night. He said that Mitch is closer to Dak than he is Deshaun Watson. Man, is this guy even watching? For a second year quarterback in a brand new complex system, he has performed at a very high level. This offense is so complex with all the motions and different looks that it may be hard for any quarterback to learn this system in the time Mitch has. Sure, Trubisky didn’t have his best outing last night, but he played a real defense last night and still made big plays when it mattered. His throw to Robinson on a 3rd and 8 play to move the chains with about 3 minutes to go. That was a huge throw that a lot of people really overlooked. At least by those who aren’t Bears or Vikings fans. People need to give this guy credit, and a few people on Around the Horn did, and so did Michael Wilbon on Pardon the Interruption. As much as I like Colin Cowherd, he has never given Trubisky credit, even when he has balled out. I still like the guy, I just disagree.

I saw a tweet last night that showed the Bears biggest flaw in one stat: It stated the Bears point differential by quarter.

1st – +33

2nd – +69

3rd – +38

4th – -38

The Bears must improve in the fourth quarter. Last night, they let the Vikings hang around too long, and it almost cost them. If this team wants to make a run in the playoffs, they must get better in the fourth quarter, period. It happened in Green Bay and it cost them the game, and last night it nearly cost them the game as the offense was lackluster in the second half.

This Bears defense is loaded top to bottom, and they are playing out of their mind. If this offense can consistently reach their ceiling, I really think they can hang with the NFC’s best such as the Rams and Saints. I think the Bears have the only defense in football that can keep that Saints team in check I think, and if they meet in the playoffs it will be a lot closer than many think. I’m not guaranteeing a win as I think it will be tough to win in New Orleans come January, but this team can make it a close game. I firmly believe that.

This team has proven that they belong. The fans have known this since week one, but now the rest of the country is on notice. It doesn’t even matter if the rest of the country isn’t all in on the Bears, because we are. This is the best fan base in the NFL, and that should be all the Bears need. Keep doubting my quarterback, go ahead. He’s been my quarterback since day one, and he has a whole city behind him. The Bears are finally back ladies and gentlemen, and they are here to stay.

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