The bombshell Houston Astros investigation finally came to an end with MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, suspending GM Jeff Luhnow and Head Coach AJ Hinch as punishment for the team’s elaborate sign-stealing efforts.

A few hours after this news came down the Astros decided to fire both men. They additionally lost some draft picks and were fined an inconsequential amount, but no games were vacated and they are still the 2017 World Series Champions.

News is also expected to come out about the 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox and their coach, Alex Cora, with a similar or worse punishment planned.

It is a pretty crazy coincidence that back to back World Series Champions were caught cheating until you realize that every team since the 2005 White Sox were cheating [citation needed]. All of the recent World Series must now be in question, but none more obvious than the one preceding the 2017 and 2018 seasons

Is there proof at all of these wild accusations? Well, the proof isn’t necessary when you have a feeling but since you asked I bring you to exhibit A) The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series. *allegedly

Photo: Chris Creamer/

The Astros and Red Sox didn’t come up with this cheating idea out of nowhere, so it only makes sense that the Chicago Cubs were an inspiration for them. As we all know the Cubs are notorious cheaters *cough cough* Sammy Sosa *cough cough* corked bat, and are so historically bad that there is really no way they could win a World Series in an honest fashion.


So, there you have it. All the proof anyone needs. The Chicago Cubs cheated, probably worse and for longer than other teams, and should have their 2016 World Series vacated. Not that it really matters since they suck again and we have another 105 years to enjoy before they decide to cheat for another World Series.

Thank god the city has an honest, blue-collar, hard hat & lunch pal team on the South Side (who would never cheat in the past 100 years) that we can be proud of.  

Featured Image: Charles Cherney/Chicago Tribune
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