The White Sox lovable mascot, Southpaw, doesn’t get much respect in the baseball community but has been a mainstay on the South Side for over 15 years now.

He has been a part of the organization for far longer than any other mascot we’ve had, but that special something has always been missing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Southpaw like he is my own furry, green son but he easily ranks in the bottom half of all-time White Sox Mascots.

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*Honorable Mention) Andy the Clown: 1960s-90s

This was a legit random fan, Andy Rozdilsky, who was also a clown and won season tickets one season, so he decided to dress up for every game. He became a staple at the ballpark and received free admission for many following seasons. The unofficial mascot had a great relationship with a previous owner, Bill Veeck, but received no love from Jerry Reinsdorf and was phased out in the 80s.

Ribbie was one half of the mascot duo that debuted the year Jerry Reinsdorf bought the team. If this wasn’t a 40-year foreshadowing about how the team would be run then I don’t know what is.

This dude looks like a cross between a pink Barney and an anteater and was reportedly subjected to constant verbal abuse from adults and children alike. Well-deserved IMHO. The only saving grace is that Ribbie is actually a pretty great name for a baseball mascot.

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3) Southpaw: 2004-present

All we really know is that he is green and left-handed, but beyond that, there is really no connection to the White Sox at all. That being said, he came around right in time for the 2005 World Series run so he has that going for him. He is also the longest-tenured White Sox mascot coming up in his 17th season. Overall, Southpaw is pretty average as far as mascots go.

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2) Waldo the White Sox Wolf: early 1990s

Waldo was around for a limited time in the early 90s and was never actually seen in person at the ballpark. The character was used exclusively in animated skits and TV commercials but was still a very good mascot. Wolves are a solid amount of intimidating and I respect the alliteration of the name. Plus, Waldo is easily the coolest looking.                 

Ribbie’s partner in crime definitively comes in at the top of this list because he is the perfect level of goofiness needed in a mascot. The Sideshow Bob-esque hairstyle along with the googly eyes really brings everything to the table in terms of ridiculousness.

Roobarb is also the name of a gross vegetable, but apparently, the inspiration comes from baseball slang that represents an argument between umps and players. I don’t know really care about all of that because the name is pretty dumb, but Roobarb still sits atop the throne.  

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