On Monday 6/22, the Major League Baseball Players Association voted on the proposal that was sent to them by the owners.
They voted it down 33-5.

This then led Commissioner Rob Manfred to institute a season. There will be baseball in 2020, in some form or another.

But, for how long?

The MLBPA and the owners still have to hammer out the health and safety details which are more important than the money that they have been haggling over for the last 87 days. Reports in the last few days have said there will be anywhere between 54 to 60 games, with the commissioner leaning toward 60. The players gave up on the universal DH and $25 million dollars in playoff pool money.

It doesn’t look like there will be an expanded playoff this year or next like some players and owners wanted and that would have really benefited a team like the White Sox. Spring Training 2.0 is set to start next week with players reporting to home cities to begin a ramp up and games starting in late July.

MLB had an opportunity this year to be the only game in town. Earlier this summer it looked like there might have been a deal and MLB would have been front in center of the sports world for an extended period of time, but the haggling over contracts that the owners promised in March pushed that all back. They were only willing to pay players a full prorated salary for 60 games, and all the owners had to do was wait for the players out, they did and got what they say they can pay for.

Luckily, there will be baseball in 2020. The White Sox should benefit from a shortened season, with a young deep pitching staff and a chance for players to get hot for a couple weeks and really win some games.

Hitters will be a little ahead of pitchers to start just because staying ready for hitting can be easier than pitching.
This baseball season will look very different than in the past, but there will still be baseball in 2020.

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