A new study by TopUSCasinos.com uses search and social media data to rank the top 5 favorite sports in Illinois. 
Football is revealed as Illinois’s favorite sport, shortly followed by basketball, golf, soccer, and NASCAR!

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With Illinois being home to famous athletes of ice hockey, football, and more, there is no doubt the Illinois region is full of sporting super-fans, too. But, have you ever caught yourself wondering which sports are most popular in the area? 

A new study by TopUSCasinos.com has uncovered the favorite sport in Illinois.

To determine the favorite sport, TopUSCasinos.com analyzed Google search data and the number of positive social media sentiments for all top sports, and the results are in!

Taking the trophy is Football as Illoisan crowds prove to be huge super fans, totaling more search data and positive social media activity than any other game! However, hot on its tail – just 0.03 points behind – is basketball, making it a super close call.

Golf takes third place, sitting comfortably above soccer and NASCAR.

The top 5 can be found below:

Rank Sport Index Score
1 American Football 1.56
2 Basket Ball 1.53
3 Golf 1.18
4 Soccer 1.12
5 NASCAR 1.04


To bring you the people of Illinois’ five favorite sports, it was first important to consider both Google search volume data and social media sentiment data for each sport. 

Giving each of ten different sports a value for each of these two factors, we ranked them accordingly. From here, each Illinois sport was assigned an index score between 0-1, relative to their ranked position, for each of the two factors. 

By combining the two index scores, we were able to give each sport a score between 0-2 to find the top five across Illinois.

To view the full report please visit, here.

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