“Don’t let history repeat itself”; a common phrase uttered throughout human history.
This saying has been used in all aspects of life, but now it’s time for Bears fans to be screaming it from the rooftop…

Where are we going with all of this, you may ask?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the year 2017.

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Ryan Pace is in his third season as the General Manager for the Chicago Bears. Following up an abysmal 3-13 season in 2016, Pace and the Bears are walking into 2017 with the #2 overall draft pick, QB Mitchell Trubisky, and a pretty shaky roster led by Head Coach John Fox. The 2017 season becomes nothing to write home about with a 5-11 record, but Bears fans are excited about their future QB and the road ahead. With a new head coach in Matt Nagy and some shiny new roster additions like Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson, 2018 proves to be a fun year for Bears fans finishing 12-4.

The defense played out of this world, and the offense seemed to complement that defense, and Trubisky seemed like he had potential; what could go wrong? A poorly constructed roster with holes across the board.

Pace made some big splashes and added some decent depth across the board in his first swing at rebuilding this team. The team looked promising, but this Bears team had issues when you look deeper. Other than Allen Robinson and a solid run game, the Bears’ offensive skilled players were nothing but average, the offensive line was never consistent, and the offense repeatedly relied on gimmicks to create points.

After what could be called an expected drop-off in play by the defense in 2019, these big ugly holes in this roster started showing their head. When the offense had to be the one to win the game, it just couldn’t get the job done. Coach Nagy’s gimmicky plays no longer worked, his offensive scheme was nothing but average, and a QB that seemed promising had become a giant question mark. The Bears would finish 2019 and 2020 at 8-8 before Ryan Pace realized he needed to click the reset button again.

Hmm… this is all sounding pretty comparable to the year 2021, does it not?

The Bears have a fun young talented QB named Justin Fields that looks promising, some solid pieces on the defense, and a lot of wiggle room in the salary cap going into the 2022 offseason. It’s all primed for Ryan Pace to get another chance to rebuild this team; who knows, maybe even with a new Head Coach too, but does Pace deserve another shot? This is a question that seems a lot of fans have a hard time answering as we slowly conclude this sad 2021 season.

Ryan Pace has added a lot of this talent to this roster. He found some steals in the later rounds of the draft, he added some big names in free agency, but at the end of the day, it hasn’t been enough. The NFL is a result-driven sport, and Ryan Pace hasn’t produced the results (46-60 record as his time as GM). For every awesome move Pace has made, he has made an equally bad move. Letting Kyle Fuller walk while keeping an aging Jimmy Graham, all while the Bears arguably have one of the worst secondaries in the league, but he also pulled off the trade for Justin Fields.

Listen, Ryan Pace has done some fantastic things for this franchise’s future, and he could still very well be a good GM as time goes on, but the Bears don’t have time.

The Bears have to capitalize on Justin Fields’ rookie contract. They need to add all the talent they can to help build a competitive football team that is ready to win now and allows him to develop and grow with that team.

The Bears need to go out and find that guy who will make that happen; the talent and options are out there.

History likes to repeat itself. Are we sure we want to sit around and watch Ryan Pace be another example of that?

Featured Image: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
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