Get ready for one of the biggest names in NBA history to worm his way into your collection as FOCO releases their Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls NBA 75th Anniversary Bobblehead.
This bobble represents the Bulls in part of their NBA 75th Anniversary Bobblehead Collection.

Photo: FOCO

This Dennis Rodman Bobblehead depicts him in all his glory, wearing the classic red and black Bulls uniform while he is in action, ready for another dunk. He stands atop a diamond-themed base with a diamond basketball in hand to show his legendary status as one of the NBA’s very best.

During his time in the NBA, there was no player more polarizing than Dennis Rodman.

Whether it was his play on the court, his unique sense of style, or his outspoken nature, fans of every team considered Rodman and the Bulls of the 80s must see TV.

The bobblehead is limited to just 275 individually-numbered units, which means they won’t last long.

Each one retails for $75 and is handcrafted and hand-painted, so no details are missed.

Head online to order your Dennis Rodman Bobblehead, and while you’re there, check out the rest of their Chicago Bulls Collection to show you’re the best fan in town!

Featured Image: FOCO
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